New Tau player

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New Tau player

Post#1 » Jun 14 2017 04:11

Hello everyone

I'v just picked up my first Tau models and a first little army is developping quickly. I have been playing Fantasy for a long time but ever since AoS that stopped completely. In those years I'v had brief encounters with 40K, maybe having played 10 hours in total with other people's armies. I also followed the 40K armies and backgrounds during past years.

But now I'm here with Tau on my desk.

In an attempt to gather knowledge about 8th edition, I'v read through a ton of forum posts. One member here made an impression, I will look up the name and give him credit if I get around to it. It's in the ' Mechanised Tau ' thread around page 3 and he describes how Tau are both strong in table control and killing off units. That post was sheer brilliant. While most of the ' Tau in 8th? ' posts are complaining or trying to get to knowledge, this one is crystal clear and shows one way to do Tau. Thanks to this person!

Also in past days many voices started to point out the trap in taking drones on all units, the easy VP points for the enemy will make it hard to win games.

To conclude it would be much apreciated if anyone would answer these questions:
1) The new rulebook is said to be free, can we download it on the 17th?
2) Where do I get weapons for Suits? The sprue has most but not all.
3) Some suits can take 4 flamers ( for example ) How do I represent this? Do you mount two on the ' shoulders? '

Anyway thanks for reading!

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