Hello all !

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Hello all !

Post#1 » Jun 14 2017 10:26

Hi all !

Long time reader from France, I've been playing 40k since January 2010 (started with 5th edition Tyranid Codex). I started playing Tau in 6th edition and enjoyed the variety offered by the army at that time. I took a break after a few months of 7th edition when it was all about Riptide spam and endless streams of Piranhas.

That new edition is the perfect occasion to finally create an account here and participate in the war effort of the Empire for the Greater Good.


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Re: Hello all !

Post#2 » Jun 14 2017 04:37

Hey max, welcome to the forums :)

Can I ask you to read the Membership Guidelines and Expectations found here please? :)

Good thing you fasted from 7th. It was every munchkin's favourite version, with deleting units everywhere and deathstars were almost a prerequisite to play the game competitively.

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