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Post#1 » Jun 14 2017 04:23

I have been a long time lurker on this forum, trying to glean any wisdom in its threads. I originally found it looking for a guide for converting my broadsides weapons. Now with the dawn of 8th edition, I look to this forum for some guidance on building a fun/competitive list to bring to the table. If/when I play I hope to bring my own experiences back to the forum and contribute to the greater good. That's it, I wish you all luck. Tau'Va!

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Re: A'hoy

Post#2 » Jun 14 2017 04:33

Welcome to the forum Orbos :) We all hope to aid in your enjoyment of the game and your time on these boards :D

I just have one little request for you. Can I get you to head over and ready the Member guidelines and expectations found at this link please?
Thanks in advance!

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