Hello from the SKS

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Hello from the SKS

Post#1 » Jun 27 2017 02:57

Hi there,

A short time Lurker, just started my very first 40k army with Tau and mostly here to absorb information to help with my gameplay.

Been a long time player in WHFB and also AoS from it's beginning.

Real first name:

Age and gender:
calculate it from 29-03-1980 :) and Male

The Netherlands

Software Testanalist

How did you get into wargaming?
Friends from school in '99

How did you get into Tau?
Just recently with 8th edition and the looks plus the backstory captured me

What would be your second piece of advice (after "read the freakin' rules") to a new Tau player?
Have fun!

What is your Tau colour scheme?
Sa'cea Sept with a snow camouflage

How did you find this site/the old site, and how long have you been a member?
Google search, not long

What are the origins of your ATT username?
My wargaming name on several forums (WHFB/AOS related), last part is my real life nickname I got at school

Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules?

Where and how often do you usually play?
At "local" (it's 45 min drive) GW store (try to be there atleast once a month, At local gamingclub (try to do twice a month on tuesday evenings) and at home (maybe once in 2 weeks? Hope to get a bit more or more regularity in it).

Do you have any other armies, for 40K or another system?
in 40K no. AoS: Stormcast Eternals, Free People (from WHFB The Empire), Khorne Bloodbound and a little Seraphon

What is your favourite and least favourite army to play against?
I still have to play games in 40k besides my first encounter at 500 points veruss Admech

What is your best and worst 40K moment?
Best: I started in 8th
Worst: first battle: first shooting turn against me got my Piranha one shotted..

What does/do your family/significant other/friends think about your 'funny toys'?
They support me and want me to be able to socialize in a field I feel comfortable with.

What are some of you other interests?
PC gaming, mostly strategy games

Do you have any pets?
Yes, 2 cats (and no I don't use them in secret questions for passwords)

What is your favourite band?
Nightwish (and no I don't use it in secret questions for passwords)

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Re: Hello from the SKS

Post#2 » Jun 30 2017 06:33

Hi and welcome to the 'Orbital.

Good to hear you hovered for a short while then got stuck in straight after. So much tactics and modelling going on right, a good time to join the forums!


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Re: Hello from the SKS

Post#3 » Jun 30 2017 10:39

Thank you! I'll mostly try to interact with tactics and general discussions on Tau, but everyone is free to look at my blog in the signature if you want to see my models (At the time of writing this I just got 1 model finished and working on my first unit of Pathfinders)

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