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New commander.

Post#1 » Jul 01 2017 01:00

Hello ATT,

After a few months of reading through the forum, I have finally decided to join up! I am from the Montréal area in Canada. I started playing Tau back in late 6th edition. I needed a change of pace from my Dark Angels and though the Tau would fit my prefered play style as I like long range warfare rather than close combat. Since then I assembled a rather big army but I still need some sound advices to improve my win ratio! That is why I joined you!

My gaming opportunities are limited because I have an ectic (speeling?) work schedule, numerous interests and a babyboy room to finish before the girlfrield gives birth to our first born in a few days. ATT will keep me awake at night for the next weeks and months! :D

Speak to you soon!
The teachings of Puretide will fuel the expansion.

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