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New to the cause

Post#1 » Jul 13 2017 09:15

So seems like 8th has everyone back in the mix!

I went from 40k at the end of 6th, start of 7th when I then jumped over to 30k. Still, absolutley love my World Eaters and raven guard but want to see what all the 8th hype is about.

I've never liked Tau... The constant shout of cheese and the fact crisis suits and kroot always looked stupid. However, after having space wolves, Tyranids and world eaters, I wanna fire some shots in 8th!

Absolutely love the Ghost keel, stealth suits, and the fw suits like the y'vhara, so on here trying to find help with starting out using those for the greater good.

Look forward to 'meeting' you all

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Re: New to the cause

Post#2 » Jul 13 2017 01:04

Welcome aboard the "Orbital"

That is an interesting background and I suspect your thoughts on fighting particular foes with our Tau forces will be invaluable! :)

Thanks for joining. When you have time, fill out the profile template, answering what your feel comfortable with :)

- Tael.

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