Returning 40K player

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Returning 40K player

Post#1 » Jul 13 2017 05:27

I started playing WHFB and WH40K almost 20 years ago. I stopped playing 40K some time during 5th edition and traded in my WHFB habit for WarmaHordes after AoS hit. The new edition has peaked my interest and I've started painting up a Tau army.

Near the start of my wargaming career I was a GW staffer in Calgary. I can remember seeing the first Tau models before they were publicly released at a staff tournament in Toronto.

While I haven't played 40K in quite some time, I have been painting armies here and there throughout the years. I still have a large Ork army (Goffs) and a fair amount of Salamanders.

I've been lurking on the forums for a while, checking out lists and ideas. I've been using it as a resource to ensure I'm not painting up models that I won't ever use, before I start playing competitively again.

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Re: Returning 40K player

Post#2 » Jul 14 2017 12:32

Welcome back! This place is a vast wealth of (mostly Tau obviously) knowledge. :-)

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