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Real first name: Jens

Age and gender: 31, male

Location: Germany

Occupation: I don't know what my Job is called in english.
I guess something like "assistant in operating control and employee management"?

How did you get into wargaming?
can't remember

How did you get into Tau?
WH40k Dawn of War 1 (PC)

What would be your second piece of advice (after "read the freakin' rules") to a new Tau player?
Use math, 'cause everything looks better than it is.

What is your Tau colour scheme?
white/blue/ultuan grey/eshin grey

How did you find this site/the old site?

What are the origins of your ATT username?
drunk science

Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules?

Where and how often do you usually play?
home of mine or friends
4-35? times a year

Do you have any other armies, for 40K or another system?
No, but I played warhammer fantasy "back then".

What is your favourite and least favourite army to play against?
favourite: orcs
least favourite: Cant decide... too many table me turn 3 or 4 in 8th

What is your best and worst 40K moment?
best: Piranha took a quad lascannon land raider out of the game by melee binding.

worst: A LOT, but I guess the place goes to my 471pts crisis team, that got wrecked by a Grey Knight 5 man Terminator Team and a Nemesis Dreadknight, without inflicting any wounds.

What does/do your family/significant other/friends think about your 'funny toys'?
don't know, don't care

What are some of you other interests?
to bycicle, Magic the Gathering, work

Do you have any pets?
not anymore

What is your favourite band?

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Re: cobruh

Post#2 » Aug 29 2017 03:28


Excuse the delayed hello, so many new members so quickly, particularly from Europe whici is great to see. Thanks for joining the community :)

Look forward to your input on the forum and feedback playing games in 8th edition.

- Tael.

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