Greetings from Dal'yth

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Greetings from Dal'yth

Post#1 » Sep 30 2017 07:46

Tau'va, my friends! Many greetings from Ohio. I've been a Tau player (also have Eldar and Tyranids) for almost three years now. Have been a Warhammer fan for ten years reading the novels, but it wasn't until a GW opened in my neighborhood that I was finally able to start collecting, and then finally start playing. With a new edition being out, I've been looking around the forum for advice and tactics for the longest, but I always have questions that I want to ask and army lists I'd love to share and get feedback on, so I decided to make an account finally lol. Also I appreciate how productive this forum always seems to be when it comes to discussion, so I also felt like becoming a part of that.
Currently I have collected around 3500 points of Tau (Woohoo!) but have only recently decided on painting them with the Dal'yth color scheme with their Moot Green - Zandri Dust jungle camo that they use (using the one from the 7th edition codex, the camo they use to apparently hide from jungle predators?)
Favorite unit is undoubtedly the Crisis Suit. Even though they play a little differently in this edition, and are more expensive points-wise, I can never get enough of fielding them in my battles.
Uh... what else...
Alfredo pasta is delicious!
But alright, I'll add more when it comes to mind! Looking forward to talking with you all! :biggrin:

Oh, and for the general questions...

Real first name: Jon

Age and gender: 29 male

Location: Ohio

Occupation: Freelance Editor and Prepress Support tech

How did you get into wargaming?
Loved the Black Library novels for 10 years, GW opened up and TA-DAAA! Was hooked. Already knew I wanted Tau from the start.

How did you get into Tau?
MECHA!! :D Plus, they're pretty groovy.

What would be your second piece of advice (after "read the freakin' rules") to a new Tau player?
From my limited experience so far, I would say magnets are amazing, but if you don't feel confident about it, build your Crisis Suits to look as cool as can be!

What is your Tau colour scheme?
Moot Green and Zandri Dust for my Dal'yth Sept Tau! Shas'O's and Shas'vres get Retributor Gold instead of Zandri Dust to mark them as special. And even though this is their jungle camo, I have them based in dusty clay fields, representing how they've left Dal'yth to fight the Imperium on other worlds like Agrellan (revenge from all the slaughter on Dal'yth!)

Where and how often do you usually play?
Once a week usually as work and grad school have otherwise kept me occupied.

Do you have any other armies, for 40K or another system?
I'm a Xenos lover! Eldar, Tyranids, and of course, TAU!

What is your favourite and least favourite army to play against?
Favorite army to play against is definitely Orks. Least favorite is Imperial Guard, as I'm still trying to beat my friend's IG force.

What is your best and worst 40K moment?
Best: Took on my friend's invincible stealhsuit/Ghostkeel list... and won! Worst: Faced off against a Sons of Horus list vs another friend, and he deepstruck his forces right in my face. And then Horus came by to say hello.

What are some of you other interests?
I'm also a published video game columnist and am trying to get my novel published.

Do you have any pets?
Three cats, a ferret, and a hamster!

Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules?

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Re: Greetings from Dal'yth

Post#2 » Sep 30 2017 10:52

Sorry, added some more questions and answers along with the acknowledgement that I read the rules!

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Re: Greetings from Dal'yth

Post#3 » Oct 02 2017 09:30

Greetings fellow Ohio Tau player! Welcome to the forums.

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Re: Greetings from Dal'yth

Post#4 » Oct 02 2017 11:00

KaisPryde - Welcome to the A.T.T. Orbital!

Since your Tau army is from Dal'yth let me share with a thing I did for my Tumblr page. The inspirational quotes from the "famous" Aun'O'Kirk'hil, made during the Damocles Gulf Campaign.
“We shall defend our Dal'yth, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the drop-pod grounds, we shall fight in the agri-fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills! We shall never surrender! — Aun'O'Kirk'hil speaking to the tau of Dal'yth Prime, just before the attack by forces of the Imperium during the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

“Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the Tau Empire and its Allies should last for ten-thousand tau-cyrs, sentient beings will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.'
— Aun'O'Kirk'hil speaking to the tau of Dal'yth Prime during the darkest moments of the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

The proud Imperial Guard has once again proved the truth of the saying. .‘The Gue’la is always at your throat or at your feet’” — Aun'O'Kirk'hil speaking at the end of the the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

FYI: Shas'O'Qan'tel (Commander Puretide) and Shas'O'Kais are both from Dal'yth!

"There shall forever be a Dal'yth."
Viro’los gu brath!

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