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Since I'm on my phone I'm not sure how to copy and paste. Anyway, my name is Jordan and I live in Iowa u.s.a. my introduction to 40k and Tau wasn't even with tabletop. It was the old ps2 game fire warrior. I play a lot of dungeons and dragons as well as Pathfinder. The group I used to play with also played apoc so I've been around the game for a long time. This past spring I was sitting in tempest games in cedar rapids and eyed the golden legion box. I though to myself, man those are some cool looking models. So I bought them and a bunch of deathwatch to supplement. I've ran deathwatch in several small tournaments sometimes with the custodes and sometimes without. While I enjoy deathwatch I felt it was getting a little stale. I noticed that I keep seeing the same factions over and over again so I decided to branch out into another army but specifically one that isn't in the store all that often. So I run sa'cea Sept with shadowsun. I've only ever played 8th edition and i try play every friday. As far as the models go I like painting tau more than space marines, however custodes are probably some if my best work. I stumbled upon this amazing site trying to find help making a 750 point list. This is an amazing resource all around.

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Hi and welcome :P

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