A long Endeavour ...

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A long Endeavour ...

Post#1 » Jan 07 2018 03:11

Hello all,

I recently decided to come back to Warhammer 40k following this 8th edition that attracted my interest. A lot has changed in this 8th, and I was hoping to restart my Tau army -- that I had began when I was still a teenager back in the 5th edition -- only to find out that my dear mom ditched my precious army. From my previous battlegroup (1 DF, 1 Piranha, 12 FW, 12 Kroots, 3 XV25, 2 XV8, 1 XV8 commander), only the commander, still in its box, and some Tau body parts and weapons have survived my mom's wrath.

So I have to start from scratch again, it will be the occasion to change the cholor scheme from boring snowy Bork'an to something maybe more exciting. I don't plan on buying any models before Tau codex is released and I'm currently working on several lists from 1000pts to 2000pts in order to plan my future shopping.

The rules have changed a lot, and not always for the best for Tau's (poor JSJ), and I'm trying to get around it by lurking on this forum and other media. Hope Codex will bring some cool stuff, like BS3+ at least for Big suits, flyers and Shas'vre on XV and XV25.

So it's a long endeavour staring again to recruit, train, and send to battle a brand new Tau Batallion for the greater good ! Wish me luck !

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