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Zano says Ya Hallo

Post#1 » Feb 07 2018 03:09

So, um, I'm a returnee to 40k after almost a decade of absence. In fact, my original handful of T'au models actually are a decade old as a small force on the side for my original Eldar. Now however I'm still building and painting but have amassed several hundred dollars more T'au than Craftworld and have no plans on playing any other army in the medium term besides maybe possible T'au spinoffs I'm hoping for along the lines of a Mercenary Subcodex.

I'm 25, a grad student in mathematics, and overly argumentative but well intentioned. My big hobbies atm are FFXIV (just started) and 40k (just restarted) as I'm looking for some new twists on old parts of my life :)

EDIT: Oh, and I live in the Phoenix metro pretty far south (in fact as far as you can go), but I'm regularly around Tempe (duh) and of course my LGS of choice which is Game Depot.
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