[How to] Magnetize a Riptide.

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Re: How to Magnetize a Riptide.

Post#11 » Aug 08 2013 11:59

Seconded on the paint job. Very smooth.

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Re: [How to] Magnetize a Riptide.

Post#12 » Dec 11 2013 06:37

I'm just starting my riptide now, and this is INSANELY helpful. Thank you SO much. great guide.


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Re: [How to] Magnetize a Riptide.

Post#13 » Apr 03 2016 03:56

Hey Zenta, great "How to". It is just what I was looking for and just in time as I recently got a riptide.

Any idea on how many magnets it took in the end to magnetize all those parts?
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Re: [How to] Magnetize a Riptide.

Post#14 » Dec 16 2016 02:27

Great job on this. I magenetized my riptide partially and did a conversion on the jumpjets to make them look like wings, sadly never occured to me to magnetize that. Carrying him around would be simpler if I had...

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Re: [How to] Magnetize a Riptide.

Post#15 » Dec 19 2016 08:53

Sorry to all who have posted. I have been out of the game for a while and my ATT stuff has been going to spam. Found one this morning. Will make sure to check back in for questions. Glad everyone is still able to use it.
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