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Miond's experimentals (Skyray & sniper + spotter operatives)

Posted: Jun 20 2016 11:05
by Miond
Figured I'd post the projects I've been working on over the past two weeks, although I've been too engrossed in them to remember taking regular in-progress pics..
Since I'm planning to mod pretty much every model as I get them, expect a lot of teasers. I'll take more frequent pictures, promise

Low-profile piranha
The change to wing and engine placement improves the firing arcs of the main armament and presents a slightly smaller profile to infantry.
Model is mostly done, still need to decide on how I want to magnetise the turret and then just clean it up with greenstuff and sandpaper before painting it. The fuselage still comes apart for detail work on the interior.

I have similar plans for my tx-42, but I really want to finish this one before I chop up Forgeworld parts..
Image Image

I didn't really like the snubnose on our sunshark and razorshark fliers so I loosely modelled one on the TX-42's, still a ton of shaping to go..
I'm hoping I can make a blue stuff mold of it when it's done so I can replicate it on future shark acquisitions. :?
Image Image

Re: Miond's experimentals

Posted: Jun 20 2016 11:19
by Panzer
Now that's an alternative Piranha conversion i like! I still like the original model a lot but yours looks awesome as well.

Looking forward to more of your stuff! ;)

Re: Miond's experimentals

Posted: Jun 20 2016 11:21
by ColdFoot
I really like how thats turning out for you!

Re: Miond's experimentals

Posted: Jun 20 2016 01:18
by Elphiel
First time i see conversion of both i personally like. Especially the shark flyer looks now sooo much better while staying close to the original model idea. Thats the way i like conversions.

Re: Miond's experimentals

Posted: Jun 21 2016 10:49
by hazmatt
I agree with the comments already posted. It's funny, I didn't consciously realize why I didn't like the original Sunshark model, but as soon as I saw your modified nose, it's pretty clear. Your version is, in my mind, a significant improvement.

Well done!

Re: Miond's experimentals

Posted: Jun 21 2016 07:59
by abraxus
Your version of the 'shark looks like a futuristic drone.... unlike the junk the normal model looks like. A vast improvement.

I might have to try that.

Re: Miond's experimentals

Posted: Jun 22 2016 12:42
by Kael'yn
Nice conversions

The shark reminds my (aborted) attempt to rebuild in 3D our ugly flyers when they came out, based on the A10 Warthog pattern:
It is cool that you sucessfully achieve a good nose profile. And the missile inclusion on the sides is brilliant.

Re: Miond's experimentals

Posted: Jun 22 2016 03:03
by Miond
Glad you guys like them :smile:
Always struck me as weird that the skimmers were more aerodynamic than the fliers :-? thankfully I noticed the similarities of their cross sections.

Did a dryfit of the piranha while waiting for the greenstuff to set:
Image Image

Just lacking magnets so I can finish the turret now..

Actually got a lot done on the *sharks last night (well, this morning, technically :dead: )
Bashed together the turrets, but didn't get around to greenstuffing them. No idea how I'm going to do the drones yet..
Theres still SO much work to be done on the fuselage.. Having to wait a full 24 hours for greenstuff to fully harden is.. yeah.

Image Image

Image Image

Image Image

I want to paint the pulse bombs in layers, inner layer glowing and streaks of energy embedded in layers of clear glue (wood glue?)
I'll have to set up my airbrush and experiment this weekend :fear:


Re: Miond's experimentals (Quad-ion and pulsebomb turrets added)

Posted: Jun 22 2016 03:37
by Panzer
Mmh i think i don't like the Quad Ion Turret on the front. It makes the back part a bit useless for the Razorshark and he is also not an interceptor but a fighter instead so he doesn't really need a nose mounted main weapon.

Re: Miond's experimentals (Quad-ion and pulsebomb turrets added)

Posted: Jun 22 2016 08:01
by Das'Kyman
That piranha conversion is top notch.

I like the overall flyer conversion but I think that I'll have to agree with Panzer. The quad turret on front looks good, but it makes the back look a bit weird and unbalanced by comparison. Having such a large targeting array on the back seems to serve no purpose and the shape of the tail/supports are clearly designed to be around Something important.

The pulse bomb dropper looks cool and I can't wait to see it painted up. Lots of potential there! Keep up the good work

PS: I don't own a Tau flyer so I only just no noticed the pipe on the underside of the tail that take the absolute longest route to get from point A to point B. Tau engineering at its finest! :biggrin: