Tau Broadside magnetized

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Tau Broadside magnetized

Post#1 » Jul 31 2016 11:21

Here are some pics since I know how hard is to magnetize a Tau Broadside suit.
What I accomplished is very far from being perfect but it is somewhat decent and it allows to switch easily between the various arm choices.


If you have any question, feel free to ask!

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Re: Tau Broadside magnetized

Post#2 » Dec 16 2016 02:47

Neat. I never thought to add a spot on my piranha for a Seeker Missile but the kit didn't come with one, either..

Question on the broadside though. I'll be unboxing my first one in the next couple weeks and I was wondering about the mag on the railgun: my thought was I could magnetize where the arm meets the gun and just float the arms in the sockets provided, and in my experience with the riptide you shouldn't even need to mag the missile arms wouldn't they also just float in the socket once the socket and the arms are both painted?

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