[WIP] Master Shaman Hes'skah

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Re: [WIP] Master Shaman Hes'skah

Post#11 » Mar 30 2017 04:44

T113 I know you don't like your own painting, but not bad at all! ;)

Something to think about when painting: At what distance are you going to be viewing the model(s)?

If you're thinking about viewing them from a distance of say three to twelve inches then that's Golden Daemon level of painting.

If however you're only going to be looking at the distance of a table top, say 24 to 36 inches away; then that doesn't require such a detailed level of painting. This is sometimes called 'table top painting' or 'painting for the table top', there maybe other terms for this; but I that's what I've heard it called. Basically, does it look good on the table top?

It looks like you used a shade, okay I still want to call them "washes"; but hey, I still have inks! Anyway, if you do use a shade/wash then you'll want to do your base coat and highlights first, before you do the shade. Okay, I can't tell exactly what you did on your model, but that's just one little thing you can do to help with blending colours.

On your 'soul fire' you might consider using the blue shade (the wash was Asurmen Blue, but I don't know what it's called now?) Add a third level of highlight with an almost white blue on the tips; which gives it three levels of colour, then use the blue shade to 'blend' the colours together.

There are a one-hundred and one ways to paint, and my method is just one of many. So I'm sure others here will have other suggestions.

Great Job!
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Re: [WIP] Master Shaman Hes'skah

Post#12 » Mar 30 2017 04:50

Thanks for the tips mate :biggrin: I did use washes on the model, To try and give him an 'odd' look i went over his body with a blue wash but it's not very obvious in the pics. But like you said, its tabletop worthy so that's all i really need lol
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Re: [WIP] Master Shaman Hes'skah

Post#13 » Mar 31 2017 12:53

Its amazing how paint brings out the detail! I really hadn't envisaged a feathered headdress. Great work, I've been looking forward to seeing this guy painted up!

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Re: [WIP] Master Shaman Hes'skah

Post#14 » Mar 31 2017 06:02

Nice work, particularly picking out all the details but not over stating any. Also, I seriously -Looked- for the pin rod and you've downplayed that and hidden it effectively man :)

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