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Post#1 » Jan 05 2017 12:40

Not much movement in this forum but curious what sites folks use to get Tau bits?

I've been all over ebay and all the normal sites (Hoard o Bits, etc) but curious who you folks use?
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Re: bits

Post#2 » Jan 05 2017 01:10

you can always look at dakkadakka, theres ebay, theres also a few 3rd party sites as you know that do great alternative models and bits. Look at for example, their "Tau Culexus Assassin" is just one of their great ideas, they have many more. ... -assassin/

If they had a Cad Bane look alike (Star Wars Clone Wars) I'd be all over it.
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Re: bits

Post#3 » Jan 05 2017 01:26

Being based in the UK I use either or, Bitzbox doesn't seem to stock up too often, but does occasionally have Forgeworld components (none currently though)

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Re: bits

Post#4 » Jan 05 2017 03:56

3rd party stuff:

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