Cyclic ion blasters

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Lechai Skull
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Re: Cyclic ion blasters

Post#19 » Jul 06 2017 03:35

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Re: Cyclic ion blasters

Post#20 » Jul 06 2017 04:09

These weapons are so clearly Imperial though. Thanks for looking though- always good to keep an eye out for CIB stand-ins!

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Re: Cyclic ion blasters

Post#21 » Jul 06 2017 04:28

I will simply use Burst cannons and paint the barrels shiny blue/green, whatever colour I find to be fitting with the rest of the suit.

Should make a large enough difference compared to a normal burst cannon.

When I first read the weapon ' cyclic ' I really thought it had to look like a gatling gun, as those barrels cycle and then fire.

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Re: Cyclic ion blasters

Post#22 » Jul 06 2017 07:48

That tesla canon has some conversion potential, I think. Cheers lechai.

A burst cannon would make a good base for a cyclic weapon. Might try replacing the 4 burst cannon barrels with 3 pulse blaster barrels (or similar).
I'm sure I'll have enough spare burst cannons to do so, now that gun drones are decidedly better (and cheaper) than BCs on vehicles.

UPDATE: Working on my homemade cyclic ion cannons by cutting off the barrels of a burst cannon and adding 3x pulse carbine barrels (plenty left over from a FW kit) to the resulting base.

What used to be the 'tops' of the carbine barrels are now almost touching in the middle with the underslung photon grenade launchers towards the outside.

The results are every bit as crude as you might expect for a first conversion job, but I feel there's good potential. They don't look as 'ion' as I'd like but they do look very 'cyclic' :biggrin:

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