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Devil fish help please

Posted: Nov 14 2017 01:01
by Orion7
Hi, so I just bought a bulk box of ancient tau off my mate (£100 for nearly 2.5k points) on the condition that some of it is"well loved".
So I'm working repair jobs on them and most are reasonably okay, nothing a little faff won't fix, or in the case of the crisis suit without a foot, nothing some battle damage and an aerial base won't fix, or just ignored like the kroot hounds missing a back leg.
However... Out of the two devil fish/Hammerheads, only one is okay, the others don't have engines, or in the case of the Hammerhead, are missing the turret that the ion canon supplied used to be on.
Does anyone have any advice on how to rebuild engines/turret, or does anyone have any spares from old dead models please?

Re: Devil fish help please

Posted: Nov 14 2017 01:54
by Beerson
either get some damaged models with fitting pieces off of ebay or copy the pieces you have and need twice (engines) with bluestuff (oyumaru) mold and fill it with epoxy putty of your choice, you can also make extras to be able to turn your DF into HH

or you can just take green and brown stuff and do a crazy conversion/attempt to model the pieces yourself

Re: Devil fish help please

Posted: Nov 15 2017 06:02
by Orion7
Thanks, I hadn't thought of using a mould and putty to recast

Re: Devil fish help please

Posted: Nov 15 2017 06:15
by Beerson
just make sure your putty is "tough" enough to hold edges and such, I would suggest the brownstuff as it's an aluminium putty and is pretty good at that

also when making mold, don't just use any silicon, some of that stuff has quite toxic fumes and take ages to harden, if you want to use silicon ask someone with experience with it

I for myself use the bluestuff as its reusable, fast and very easy to work with, incase you will use that, I suggest buying at least the 8 bars package as 4 (which I got) is not enough for that kind of mold and well, it's better to have more so you don't have to do it piece by piece anyway, also when you are at it you can copy your CIB's or other crisis weapons as well with excess bluestuff to save time :)

Re: Devil fish help please

Posted: Nov 15 2017 12:27
by Ironsky
There are several lists of online retailers (some of which specialise in spare parts) in the Resources section. This one has a range of options. I can personally recommend UK based bitsandkits, which is not listed; but which I have been using for years.

Unfortunately with bits sites they tend to restock intermittently, so less popular models may take longer to restock. I tend to check ebay regularly as well.

Hope that helps