Droneport Spare Parts

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Droneport Spare Parts

Post#1 » Feb 02 2018 11:45

Got a Tidewall Drone Port recently, and as I was putting it together last night, I was marveled by all the spare bits that came with this simple model. I have 2 spare rounded wall sections and a spare set of stairs. I know our kits usually come with extra bits and options, and whatnot, but this is half another platform. Seems a bit excessive, to me.

I also found it funny there aren't enough drone bits to make 4 of the same kind of any type of drone, so I had to go digging into my old bits to get some more Markerlights.

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with the extra half-circle's worth of wall sections? I was thinking of turning it into a terrain feature somehow, but was wondering if anyone else had come up with something cool to do with them (terrain or otherwise).


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Re: Droneport Spare Parts

Post#2 » Feb 02 2018 12:14

The "missing" drone parts are an issue every tau kit has, ironically biggest example of this is the 2-drone kit itself

I would go around using the spare bits as vertical terrain piece, but you could use it for some conversions of big suits/ planes I guess

I suggest posting picture of these spare parts so people can better imagine how to use em as not many have these

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