Magnets- when to do on timeline of painting.

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Re: Magnets- when to do on timeline of painting.

Post#19 » Feb 08 2018 07:56

Might consider the steel plates in the future, though for the time being currently sticking with magnets on arms and weapons. don't really need magnets on the bases at the moment, as using a box which they all fit in snugly, and then maybe a foam box soon.

Would the steel plate idea work on larger things like the riptide weapons or the storm surges cannons?

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Re: Magnets- when to do on timeline of painting.

Post#20 » Feb 08 2018 08:33

Steel plates can work for anything, though you need bigger/strong magnets to pull it off. I prefer just to do magnet to magnet. Yes it's a little bit more work with checking polarity, but magnets aren't that expensive and it is much more secure.

For most things 3x1mm work best, up to and including riptides and storm surges. You don't technically need magnets for the storm surge's cannon as the front half slides in quite securely by itself.

The main time you'll need bigger magnets are for FW models (which they now tell you which magnets you need and give you holes for them already in the model) and for magnetising skimmer bases (where 5x2 or 5x3mm are the best minimum size to get a secure fit)

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