[Model Guides & Tutorials] Official ATT Modelling Resource

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[Model Guides & Tutorials] Official ATT Modelling Resource

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Model Guides and Modelling Tutorials
Compiled by Fio'O Tael, including contributions from the members of ATT.

A collection of member-created guides, tutorials and advice on modifying your Tau miniatures in various ways. From basic to advanced techniques. The following covers many of the core projects an avid Tau Hobbyist tends to challenge themselves with.

Member Created :

Basic Tau Modification Projects:

XV8 Knee Armor, Leg Pinning, Stealth Suit foot posing and Firewarrior Helmet removal guides by Fio'O Tael.
Basic Tutorial ZipFile Here. (400Kb)

Modelling Markerlights by Fio'O Tael.
Basic Tutorial Image File Here. (100Kb)

Making your own Sept Symbol on Shoulder Guard (OFFLINE - Being rewritten)
Tau Sept Icons on Shoulder Guards

Shas'O Kais, Dawn of War XV22
A Modelling Conversion Guide by GW France

Detailing a Devilfish ('Maki My Fish') by Fio'O Tael.
A series of tutorials (PDF format) to help you build your Devilfish transport with more options than originally available. The series will begin with doors and end with painting the Devilfish interior.

    Tutorial One - The side doors.500Kb PDF Download.
    Tutorial Two - The Rear Ramp & Simple Interior Ideas. 400Kb PDF Download.
    Tutorial Three - The Chin turret, detachable weapons and ordinance. 400Kb PDF Download.
    Tutorial Four - The Interior Paintwork.[/b] 1500Kb PDF Download (Colour).

Image Image Image Image

Modular Hammerhead Tutorial
A tutorial on using magnets and other tricks, it's a comprehensive guide, produced by .mace of Tau Online.
2500Kb PDF Download.

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