Tael's Urban/Night Ops WiP Showcase

A Display of the best projects and Cadres on ATT.
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Re: Tael's Urban/Night Ops WiP Showcase

Post#41 » Aug 10 2016 10:07

Agentarrow wrote:Please do, I love this project. It's what got me into Tau conversions.

I agree.

I'm just getting back into the game and have dug out my small cadrewith conversions developed by Tael. I'm working on modernizing and finishing this force right now, though in classic Tau colors.

Bummer about the Eastern Empire attack. I noticed the stealth XV-8 and some of the more detailed pictures of the Fio were missing from the restored content. Hopefully, those will make it back up at some point.
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Re: Tael's Urban/Night Ops WiP Showcase

Post#42 » Aug 11 2016 03:24

Thanks guys; well I can gladly say I"ve begun that return to project:

Been awhile, but I am finally working on tau conversions.

The first idea for a veteran strike force is a couple of warriors who have seen the horrors of war and lived through it; not without serious injury.


I drew up a peice of art a couple years ago for a member on Advanced Tau Tactica, for a campaign pack with upgrades and veteran points.

The bionic leg always struck as a slick idea and I have since wanted to model it.


The first pass, likely to have some tech-bolt details. I also kept the hooves, rounding them further to seem artificial when the painted work comes. It seemed right that a Fio technician would have enough vanity and care to craft a leg and hoof not far removed from the owner's original.

More soon as I begin to evolve this new team.

Thanks for reading,


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Re: Tael's Urban/Night Ops WiP Showcase

Post#43 » Aug 11 2016 08:41

That looks really nice, did you carve that out of a set of standard firewarrior legs?

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Re: Tael's Urban/Night Ops WiP Showcase

Post#44 » Aug 11 2016 01:11

looks Necron warrior-ish

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Re: Tael's Urban/Night Ops WiP Showcase

Post#45 » Dec 27 2016 07:59

Looks amazing, do you have any updates? How is it going?

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