[Showcase] 'When We Were Shas'la' Challenge

A Display of the best projects and Cadres on ATT.
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Re: 'When We Were Shas'la' Gallery : [Voting Begins August 2nd]

Post#37 » Apr 26 2014 01:16

Militant.Jester wrote:Arggg! The more I look at that samurai the more I like it! I'm trying to do something like the head but it's NOT WORKING! :::( :::( :::( :::(

Please whoever you are tell me how you did it!

I was not the one who made it, but I am pretty sure they used a drone, without the piece that you use to add the attachments. You then shave/sand some of it down, shave/sand the helmet off the fire warrior helmet, and glue the head inside the drone.
What is this "Me-lee" you speak of?

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Re: [Showcase] 'When We Were Shas'la' Challenge

Post#38 » Apr 26 2014 05:51

You're replying to a post from 2009 there, buddy. I don't think the poster will be checking back for your reply.

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