Galleries Unlocked : How to Submit

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Galleries Unlocked : How to Submit

Post#1 » Mar 29 2011 06:19

Hi All,

Please read the following for submitting a presentation to the Galleries section :

Firstly, browse Galleries and get a feel for what constitutes a good entry. These usually include; A decent arrangement of photos, small rationale behind the project and even a short fiction to build the character of the figure or army.

Essentially, the submission is a show piece of your work and or collection.

When you decide to make a submission from the Painting & Artwork Forum or Lower Concourse section, prefix your topic with [Gallery] so that the admin staff can review your entry and offer suggestions for change or quickly move it due to meeting the above requirements.

Things to note about the revised Galleries section:

Only Admin can create new topics or transfer topics to Galleries.
All users Shas'la and above can post replies to topics within Galleries, but cannot make new topics. (This allows folks to provide feedback or queries on your work)

In a sense, the Galleries forum is not unlike the ATT Academy Articles section. The best work, collated into one place. Each topic a worthy click for inspiration.

Thank you all, here's to the new Galleries collections!

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