The Shoebox Saga: What I did with my new Orca.

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Re: The Shoebox Saga: What I did with my new Orca.

Post#19 » Apr 21 2015 11:37

Two new battle reports for all of you.

One game, the Orca's "Eggs in one basket" problem truly shined. I was tabled turn 3 (wow, I sucked at my rolls), and then subsiquently rolled a 2 for reserves. That was embarrasing! Enemy was my friendly Imp guard player who discovered the glory of cover-denying heavy weapons teams.

Next game I used it in was a 3k game against a Chaos SM player. The power of the dice gods were with me, and it's arrival was very much the final nail in the coffin for the player. Two hazard teams (one all fusion, one all phased ion) dropped in along with two fire warrior teams. Having taken the center terrain I proceeded to claim the second objective (emperors will) through aggressive use of Fire Warriors with Pulse Carbines.

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Re: The Shoebox Saga: What I did with my new Orca.

Post#20 » Apr 23 2015 02:12

Sorry you got yourself shot out the Airlock Zelnik, but believe when I say I appreciate this thread as it has made me sincerely consider getting an Orca. Would it be possible for a mod to lock this and move it to the Gallery so it doesn't get lost? Not many Orca's floating around and this is one I don't want to lose. Thanks.

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