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Re: Tau Barrage Madness (Novel or viable?)

Posted: Nov 22 2016 05:59
by Spray & Pray
So just a small update on this one, official GW FAQ, gave two boosts to AFPs. The first is minor, barrage weapons determine which side of a vehicle they hit, depending on where the hole is closest. I thought it used to be, barrage was resolved against side armour? Anyways, just means that the st4 can potentially glance most vehicles rear armour. Makes taking the puretide chip not terrible I guess.

The other change, is barrage hits all levels. I've played it like this since the draft FAQ. I've had it used against me, and it makes typical terrain pieces like building ruins, into death traps. Even with armour saves, it just generates so many hits if you have a big footprint or multiple units in a terrain piece.

Re: Tau Barrage Madness (Novel or viable?)

Posted: Nov 22 2016 11:51
by AnonAmbientLight
You can potentially glance it, but it's still a big ol maybe and not worth it if vehicles are your target. S4 is awful and you will only ever get a glance against AV10 with 6s. BLEH.

And yea, that makes templates a little stronger now. This makes the Skatvatch Wraithknight (SP) almost auto include now.

Re: Tau Barrage Madness (Novel or viable?)

Posted: Nov 23 2016 10:59
by Spray & Pray
Nothing much to write home about for us, but other barrage weapons with higher st, just got a nice boon vs vehicles. I don't like the change myself, as it seems like kicking vehicles whilst they are down already.

Going to try this barrage list out tonight, ill probably take the pure tide chip on the Buffmander as well now, mostly for shadowsuns guns or stubborn, but in some niche situations, AFPs with tank hunter or monster hunter could be handy. Against the wall of metal boxes that is battle company for example, an incentive for them not to bunch up the rhinos.

I think the optimised stealth cadre will make a nice combo with the barrage star. Might take some breachers in devilfishes just for the hell of it, between the star, the OSC and breachers, it will be an experimental list for sure!