Anti-psyker Weaponry

A review of past Tactics by commanders during the First, Second, Third & Fourth Phase Expansion.
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Anti-psyker Weaponry

Post#1 » Dec 11 2016 07:54

Greetings fellow Shas'O,

There is one phase we all have to sit down quietly and wait till the opponent finishes off our troops with some wicked wizardry, or makes their already powerful units almost invincible and we can not do anything about it. So while of course, we could bring some wicked wizardry of our own in a form of the allies, but wouldn't it be better to piss off our psyker-dependent opponents if we just completely broke down their whole strategy by turning their powes off and then finishing them off with our superior technology? Of course it would.

So as far as I know, there are three options for us to pick.

The most obvious pick out of them all would be the Culexus Assassin - he's quite costly, but he has great statline, is very independent which is great concerning the Imperium is not our ally, and is very hard to hit with his BS1/WS1 secial rule. And of course the psyk-out grenades are always useful.

The other pick is Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor - he has a Null Rod, which makes his unit invincible to Psychic Powers. He's almost three times cheaper than Culexus Assassin, but he has a statline only slightly better than that of a Fire Warrior, so we'd have to bring a whole squad of Inquisitorial Henchman for him to be of any use. And it still won't stop the psykers from attacking our other units.

And then comes the Burning of Prospero with the Sisters of Silence, they have a better basic statline than the Inqusitor, believe it or not, and all of them have a 12" null-bubble we all love Culexus for. The only malus of them is that their statline is still not that impressive, the same as of the Sisters of Battle, so they're pretty squishy.

And the last item that would help us is obviously the FSE Talisan of Arthas-Moloch, but it only helps us, though greatly, to ward off spells that are directed towards our commander and his unit. That doesn't stop the enemy from summonning hordes of daemons or makes them suddenly visible for us again (markerlights are great, sure, but sometimes this is just not enough).

The most obvious downsides of both the Talisman and the Inquisitor is that they're both affecting only one unit, and while it's something, especially if you go for a blob, it's not going to help that much against enemy's blessings nor summonnings.

While Culexus is great, as he's completely independent with all of his special rules and much harder to kill, he's still prone to getting instakilled with a lucky melta shot or he's going to get chopped to death with his 4++ being his only save. His Animus Speculum might be useful with AP1, but it's still not something great. And this all comes at a heavy price - 140 pts and a detachment slot, unless you bring all the Assassins on the table, which might not be always the birightest idea.

And then I found the new Sisters of Silence rule, which sounds like the best alternative to Culexus. They are actually better than him, as every sister in the squad creates a null-zone of her own, effectively improving its range at least twice. They have a better basic save than Culexus (which makes them more prone to grav-guns, sure, but it's still a better save). No inv though so they have to watch out for the low-AP weapons. These are however 5 models, not just one, they come at half the price of a Culexus and their formation's special rule makes life for the psykers even nastier. They still do take one detachment from your army, but it's, once again, not just a one model and they all come armed with a boltgun and psyk-out grenades. The worst part is that they can't take a dedicated transport, so unless you're picking another allied detachment, these squishy troops have to go 6" ahead, next to or behind your army.

So Shas'O, how do these options look for you? What would be the best pick for a Tau Commander? Have I missed anything?

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Re: Anti-psyker Weaponry

Post#2 » Dec 12 2016 05:47


I'm not a tournament player.

That being said I love Assasins. The Vindicare was always a cool model in my opinion. The model himself and the background. The other Assasins are great again.

The Culexus is a great. Again the model is cool and the background, too. I think he's a solid choice. I would prefer him. And therefore I bought this beautiful lady. ... -assassin/

So there's optical no difference in my army and rules wise it's good to explain, why the Assasins has to stay away from the rest of the army.

On the other hand there are the sisters of silence. They are good, too. Read only short through the rules and haven't made my mind about them, but I think they are both nearly equal. Maybe the sisters are even slightly better.

The Talisman is only a nice add on than a real counter. The Inquisitor is good, but stands no chance in my opinion against the other choices.

So as a resume I would say: if you can afford the Tau spectre and won't play in a GW often, I would pick the Culexus. In any other case, the sisters.

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Re: Anti-psyker Weaponry

Post#3 » Dec 14 2016 12:50

Those are pretty much our only options. The Culexus is a good model to have just in general and especially with the coming of the 1k sons. Keep in mind though that the culexus is not a speedy guy. Infiltration is great and all, but he only moves 6in a turn.

If you have a meta that has lots of psykers, it would be wise to get a culexus and more importantly, some sisters of silence if you can. The sisters of silence are generally cheaper than the culexus and can set up "null" zones near your deployment.

Otherwise the Talisman of Arthas Moloc is worth it to take if you do not have those models.

Ultimately Tau get kind of screwed because the psychic phase can be pretty strong. I know that is made up, in part because of our better overall shooting. It still sucks to be completely unable to participate in any part of the game though.
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Re: Anti-psyker Weaponry

Post#4 » Dec 14 2016 09:25

I think the sisters are gonna be our best choice going forward, it makes taking the Storm Surge formation a bit easier to handle. Can have that formation site back with the sisters spread out hopefully in cover and out of line of sight. The have other supporting troops to deal more damage. Sisters with a void-shield and 5 riptides could do some work too.

I think it would be cool if GW added like a Anti Pysker hull plated armor upgrade or something to that extent.

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Re: Anti-psyker Weaponry

Post#5 » Dec 15 2016 04:56

Have been using a Null Maiden Taks Force for a few games lately in preperation for my FLGS's GT next month. They have been severly out performing my Culexus on his best day. The increased footprint of the Sisters is just what my Cadre needed to create serious problems for even the fastest moving Deathstars. Combine that with the low point cost (10 Sisters for about 1 Culexus) and I feel it actually makes them harder to kill, in most situations, than one Assassin that can be focused down.

The other thing they are surprisingly good at, compared to the Assassin, is tarpitting for a couple of phases. With Fearless and WS4 IKnights and WraithKnights only land a couple of hits. Remove the right models and any Stomps should only hit 2 and, if there is no 6, you still get Armor Saves. If your opponent is cagy, they may opt to Smash in order to time their breakout, but that is still a gamble for them that may end up keeping them locked up even longer.

With no GW store anywhere near me, but having an amazing FLGS, I like to get third party counts-as for all my Tau allies. I got some alien looking beast models, and now I use the "Hounds of Arthas Moloch" very regularly. To keep the models close to WYSIWYG to the unit on paper I take Greatswords, which also makes them useful against Gladius Marines.

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