Buffmander and Riptides

A review of past Tactics by commanders during the First, Second, Third & Fourth Phase Expansion.
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Buffmander and Riptides

Post#1 » Mar 02 2017 04:31

So, can my buffmander join a riptide unit, single riptide or anything in the riptide wing formation? I'm reading reports where he has but I thought it said IC's can't join monsterous creatures? Thanks.

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Re: Buffmander and Riptides

Post#2 » Mar 02 2017 04:33

ICs can't join MC units or units containing a MC. Case closed, i'm sorry. :D

Those reports are either wrong or it's from back before the FAQ when people interpreted the Hunter Contingent rule in a way so the Buffmander special rules would get shared with the other units if you combine the shooting of 3+ units.

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