Pre-Tourney Jitters, please help :)

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Pre-Tourney Jitters, please help :)

Post#1 » Mar 03 2017 08:27

Guys, I've got a tourney tomorrow (1850 ITC) and I'm having a hard time making my mind up. I've got 3 riptides. I can't decide if I want to put them in a wing detachment or a unit of 3 in a Dawn blade detachment. Unit gets +1 BS, and it will benefit from the 12" overwatch bonus from Hunter, plus it will benefit from the re-roll to wound from the Dawn blade. Is the earth caste pilot array worth 30 points? Is the 1 turn hailfire and nova re-rolls better than the the overwatch and dawn blade re-rolls? My poor mind is crashing and I've only got hours to go. The rest of my army kinda looks like this:
Drone net of marker lights
commander, pimp as needed.
3 groups of Kroot, for screening purposes.
2 piranhas
1 detachment of sisters of silence.
Oh and like 4 or 5 crisis suits. (How do you like em?)

Thoughts? Pick it apart. I need help. Plus I'm fairly new, only like 5-10 games under my belt. 5 with the Tau.

I know I'll be facing GSC, Nids, Yinnari *BAD WORD DELETED*, some SM but not gladius, IG, Demons of Khorn....and another Tau bastard.


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Re: Pre-Tourney Jitters, please help :)

Post#2 » Mar 04 2017 09:06

Regardless of whether you put them in a wing or a hunter cadre, I'd suggest not forming a unit of 3 of them. Too easy to tarpit all three of them. +1BS is not that important if you have proper markerlight support. 12" supporting overwatch is great if you're in a Hunter Contingent and can share markerlights, otherwise not amazing. Riptide hailfire and rerolling novas is crazy good. ECPA is amazing for a Novacharging HBC since it saves you from Gets Hot and if you push yourself up to BS5, it is equivalent to BS10. The Dawn Blade reroll will be good if you expect to face very large/important units.

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