OSC with Shadowsun

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OSC with Shadowsun

Post#1 » Apr 07 2017 04:17

Not sure if this is a good idea or not - it's mainly driven by a desire to try a more fluff orientated army so maybe the later is more likely.

I thought of adding Shadowsun to one of the XV25 units (of three suits each) as she cannot join the Ghostkeels (hoping to run 2). This way she gains the protection bonus from the XV25s acting as bodyguards. They all gain the bonus of the wall of mirrors, so strike rear armour, ignores cover, +1BS. But plus , Shadowsun's XV25s gain 3D6 Thrust moves which will help with maneuverability and positioning to keep the bonus that all XV25s and Ghostkeels within 12" of her MV62 Command-link Drone get to re-roll ones.

I know that Ghostkeels don't have infiltrate so tactically I would have to decide if I start the formation split up and have them maneuver closer after the first turn or just have them all start together and travel the battle field together.

I would think that this could be a pretty good self sustained formation, especially with the possible re-roll on CIR and burst cannons.

Is there anything from others with greater experience that hints this might be a duff???

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Re: OSC with Shadowsun

Post#2 » Apr 07 2017 04:23

Characters don't benefit from formation boni they aren't part of iirc.
But yeah it would make that Stealth Suit unit more mobile and re-rolling 1s is nice as well.

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Re: OSC with Shadowsun

Post#3 » Apr 07 2017 04:40

So Shadowsun doesn't get the formation bonuses, but her bonuses conferred to the formation would still be a nice I think.

As you said, re-rolling 1s is handy for the Assault 4 and Assault 6 weapons in the OSC.

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Re: OSC with Shadowsun

Post#4 » Apr 07 2017 05:36

Here are a few relevant rule interactions. Shadowsun can join the units under normal rules, but will not get any benefit from the formation. So no wall of mirrors. :( You will be able to enjoy all the other rules, such as auto LoS for the stealth suits and her 3D6 jetpack if she is the warlord.

https://www.games-workshop.com/resource ... les_EN.pdf

Q: If I’m using a special Detachment, such as the Nemesis
Strike Force Detachment, and add Independent Characters
from Battle Brother Factions (e.g. the Librarius Conclave), can
they all still benefit from the first turn deployment and come
in together?

A: No, the rules for Detachments and Formations only
apply to models/units that are part of the Detachment
or Formation. If a Formation or Detachment must
appear on a certain turn, that will preclude Independent
Characters who do not have the appropriate special rule
from joining that unit.

Q: Do rules applying to ‘the unit’, such as those from Formation
special rules (e.g. the Skyhammer Annihilation Force), or unitwide
special rules such as Dunestrider from Codex: Skitarii
apply to any attached Independent Characters?

A: No. The Formation special rules themselves do not
apply to characters that join the Formation (unless
specifically stated otherwise), although they may confer
other special rules which do apply to characters that
have joined units, such as Stealth or Stubborn.
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