Sourcing hammerhead bits

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Sourcing hammerhead bits

Post#1 » Jan 21 2018 04:02

Hey all,

So ive got a devilfish from the optimised pathfinder box, at the moment it's only ever used as a proxy. I've had a look for the bits to make it into a hammerhead but everywhere I look is out of stock. A friend suggested 3D printing sevices. I'm still fairly new to the hobby and I'm out of my depth with this. Anyone have any links to suitable parts for the turret and nose? Doesn't have to be an exact copy it's just got to look good and fit properly.

T.I.A :biggrin:

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Re: Sourcing hammerhead bits

Post#2 » Jan 21 2018 10:20

There are hammerhead turret sprues that pop up on eBay a couple times a month. They are sold by hord’o’bits and are usually 14.99.
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