[Notice] : Firewarrior Color Schemes

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[Notice] : Firewarrior Color Schemes

Post#1 » Nov 18 2008 03:18

Ok, settle down class. Today’s lesson: picking the right uniform for the right environment. If all of you would please turn to Page 59 of your textbooks, we can begin.
Codex: Tau Empire; Page 59 wrote:Some battle colours worn by the warriors of the Fire caste are determined by the nature, character and history of their sept, but by far the majority colours are simple camouflage, based upon the environment and climate of the war zone in which the wearer is fighting. More rarely, battle colours are prescribed by the Ethereals, or derived from the complex Fire caste warpaint of old.

What does this mean for the aspiring Shas’El? The uniform colors with paired septs are not the end-all-be-all of color schemes. You are free to use the Sa'cea scheme with a Ksi'm'yen sept, for instance. The examples given on that same page should be seen as references for various adaptations of the Fire Warrior armor to suit various types of terrain.

Those septs that are paired with a scheme usually see the most common usage of those colors, but they are not the only sept that uses them, as the following examples show:
    T’AU – The yellow and brown camouflage is in many ways the ‘dress uniform’ of the Tau military.
    SA’CEA – This uniform is worn by Fire Warriors of all septs as urban camouflage.
    KE’LSHAN – This scheme is typical of the Cadres stationed aboard the Air caste vessels interdicting the Perdus Rift region of space.

Of course, these examples should not be confused with the sept colors; those colors are unique to each sept and are retained no matter the colors chosen for the uniforms. These are used for unit identification and rank markings, or simply as reverence for the Fire caste heritage, as the savannah tribes on T’au used warpaint to differentiate themselves.

In closing, you can use any combination of color scheme and sept that you want and still be fluffy. They are your models, after all...

NOTE: Thanks to Helios for initiating this.

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