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Welcome to the Lower Concourse

Post#1 » Jun 25 2009 01:08

Welcome to the Lower Concourse!

If you are new to ATT this is currently the only place other than the Upper Concourse, where you can post for the period of your Shas'saal rank, progression to Shas'la is on merit of your contributions, an upper rank that will allow you to reply to topics in other parts of the Community. Consider this section a proving ground or 'Trial by Fire' for your ideas on modelling and the hobby side of Warhammer 40k, with Tau models in particular.

ATT has a body of respected Shas'Ui, who in concert with the Administration Vre' El' and O' ranks, mark out particularly thoughtful, well written contributions for placement into the permanent database of ATT. Never to be lost under a pile of casual postings. Invariably great posts will enhance your standing and more often than not, ensure your progression to further areas to quickly occur.

Overall, be courteous and provide well written, entertaining, debatable and informative postings. Anything that is abusive or inflammatory is a serious offence. The same methods of marking posts, allow the Administration to spot errant topics and remove them and possibly even your membership. Thankfully this a rare occurrence with ATT members.

Please read the Membership Primer section to further understand how ATT works and what everyone here expects of new members and their contributions.

Also fill out a Member Profile so we can all better understand who you are and what you enjoy about this hobby, and particularly the Tau!

But most of all, thank you for joining Advanced Tau Tactica! Enjoy all the resources we have to offer and hopefully, something of yours will become a permanent part of the ATT Community Forum.
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