Rookie Questions: What and how do you do magnetizing

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Rookie Questions: What and how do you do magnetizing

Post#1 » Jun 26 2006 06:52

I have seen people do this on tons of figures on websites, never one in person, I am taking links, pics, and guides. Thanks!
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Post#2 » Jun 26 2006 07:49

You pretty much drill or shave the plastic and insert a magnet. Superglue is the cheap adhesive but it's brittle and tends to pull out the magnet if you don't "slide" it off. I don't know of any inexpensive epoxy-type adhesives but someone else should.

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Post#3 » Jun 26 2006 10:28

Zap-A-Gap holds everything together, including your fingers to the model with wonderful effectiveness! :D

kjmagnetics is my source for rare earth magnets also, and they've always treated me right.

For drilling magnets holes, put the magnet on the back of the drill bit to make sure you have the right size before you start drilling. For smaller magnets, they'll actually hold pretty well w/o glue if you're careful with the pin vise.

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Post#4 » Jun 27 2006 11:07

this could just be my stupidity, but what do you need magnets for ?

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What you need Magnets for

Post#5 » Jun 27 2006 11:28

Magnets let you customize your Crisis Suit's loadout for each game. You don't have to cut off a plasma rifle so you can glue a fusion blaster in it's place, or have 20 different Crisis Suits with every imaginable, desirable loadout.
I haven't actually done this. For those who have, how does it work? I'd think that the pieces would get bumped just about every time you touched the model, and you'd spend half your game readjusting the guns and accessories. OK, I'm exagerating a bit, but is it a hassle?

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Post#6 » Jun 27 2006 12:00


i have just finished magnetizing my suits and it worked great, i had small problems with making sure all magnets were around the correct way, but all in all it is great no guns slipping or anything. and i found a great seller on ebay hel sells fifty ting magnets (5mm by 0.5mm i think) for £3.00, i brought 100 for just under £7.00 and they were excellent. you didnt even need to drill anything as they are so small there is no gap.

if anyone wants to find the shop on ebay search for 3711dave, and they are the ones that are picutred holding together a carnifex, i strongly recommend these.

hope this helps


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Post#7 » Jun 27 2006 12:19

I use the magents from K&J Magentics and they are great! They are super strong and with all of the plastic weapons you have no problem with slippage. The only thing I saw was with metal weapons (ABFP and CIB), they can slip on occasion due to weight.

I use a Dremel drill with a thin grinding bit to carve out the whole on the out side of the arm on regular crusis suits. Keep check the magnet for fit and try to get it more or less flush with the surface of the arm if not slightly raised. The round magents work pretty well for this. Using either the D31 or D301's

On forge world crisis suits, it is the same for the outside of the arm, but you can also put magnets on the end of arm where the formworld weapons attach normally. For this I use the B4201's. They are pretty thin and retangular and fit perfect in the space at the end of the arm.

The B4201's can also be used on the shoulders of any suits. I fill in the slot with green stuff, then on of the flat magnets on each should as the mount. It raises it up about 1/16th of an inch so it works pretty good.

For the weapons, the plastic ones are pretty easy to mount the magents on. I use the rectangular B4201's again here since most of my mounts use the same magnet. I usually mount the magnet on the bottom of the weapon so it can be used as a shoulder mount or arm mount. For missle pods, I carve of the small mount and make the bottom flat, then super glue the magnet to the bottom. When mounted on the shoulder magnets, this will set your missle pods 1/8th inch off the modle, which is a good height.

I will post some picture soon hopefully of my suits with the magnets in place.

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Magnet's huh?

Post#8 » Jun 27 2006 12:38

Well, it looks like I'm going to have to get myself some magnets and get busy modelling... Thanks for the response, guys!

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Post#9 » Jun 28 2006 09:38

For an adhesive, I suggest JB Weld. It is a very strong epoxy compound that bonds metal, plastic, stone, eyelids, etc with ease. Well, I haven't tried eyelids, but...

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Post#10 » Jun 29 2006 09:41

I usedmagnets on allw my crisis (8)+weapons(min 4 of any type, 8 for PR+MP)+hard point equipment(C&Cnode,Positional relay etc)

I used 44, and I could have used more.... it allows me to create any build...
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Post#11 » Jul 01 2006 09:01

ThatGuy wrote:For an adhesive, I suggest JB Weld. It is a very strong epoxy compound that bonds metal, plastic, stone, eyelids, etc with ease. Well, I haven't tried eyelids, but...

JB weld gets pretty warm while it cures... does that affect the color/texture/shape of the plastic parts?

I've use it on metal minis to good effect.

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Post#12 » Jul 02 2006 01:32

does the color of plastic matter if you're painting/primering it?

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Post#13 » Jul 02 2006 03:12

JB Weld is really powerfull stuff. I don't know how it affects the plastic, but my grandpa used it to repair a cracked cylinder on his motorcycle one time. He used it for a few more years and then sold it. :evil:

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