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Re: [Project] Exo-Tide RV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 01 2014 01:17
by BabaGanoosh
I'm really liking the murloc conversion. It might also be useful as a counts-as battlesuit, either an older version, an auxiliary battlesuit, or an entirely new model battlesuit. In any case I like the creative use of the riptide legs. Great work!

Re: [Project] Exo-Tide RV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 01 2014 04:46
by Vay
Wow, never thought of that. Has any one ever built a "Mark 1" battlesuit?

The legs worked pretty well, used a few different drill bits to make the right size leg sockets. And by shortening the frame, the body does not over size the legs.

Thank you for the kind words!


Force at New Years:


Bigger Picture

The Ethereals around the center are a project I am working on. 1 Ethereal and 1 Warrior per Sept, they spiral out by phase of expansion. Most of second and third phase will be custom Ethereals. The Main Aun is in the paint booth so he is missing from the center.

Re: [Project] Exo-Tide RV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 06 2014 02:08
by Vay
I can not get this out of my head now... Thanks BabaGanoosh.

So I am going to start with the T-Series.

Drawing board:
- Theory 1: The Tau Battlesuit evolution seems to always get bigger. XV8-9-104 or XV15-25 are my best examples of technology increase equals size increase.
- Theory 2: The original Battlesuit would have filled the special weapons role for the FW.
- Theory 3: XV15 seems like the logical start point for size.
- Theory 4: The pre-T series was fossil fuel-powered, possibly more space marine jet pack like, and limited armament
- Theory 5: Functionally a Jump unit, likely equip-able like a space marine powersuit.
- Theory 6: XV8 is a V-series, So XT8 is a T-series.

- Question: What does power equal to as far as advancement? More = Bigger guns? just maneuverability? More Armor? Red paint job?
- Is there more then the T and V series? XT-8 and the XV8?

Any further guiding light on our technological history?
Contesting theory's?
Pictures of agreeable conversions?

Earliest prototype:
Field-tested during the early stages of the First Sphere Expansion
- Pre T-Series

- T-Series Battlesuits:
Circa 576.M39
Improvements in anti-gravitic motors. (More armor? Bigger?)
The original fossil fuel-powered

- V-series:
Upgraded to fission reaction - radiation poisoning proved problematic (?)

Second Expansion
- Post V-Series
Particularly in the areas of power sources (?)
Increased potency of weapon load-outs. (More load-outs and better weapons)
Repulsor jump jet technology (JSJ?)

Third Expansion
- X-Series (Guess)
Currant XV8
Taros Models

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 06 2014 11:14
by Vay
Attempt 1: Fuel combustion engine with light weapons.


Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 06 2014 11:21
by ARC'Thunder
This is an interesting project, Vay.

My response below was typed up just before you posted the above, but I'm glad to see that it looks as though we were thinking along similar lines.

Personally, my belief is close to your 4th and 5th theories. Most of what we have to work with is on pg 41 of the codex:
  • "The original fossil fuel-powered T-series was quickly replaced with the V-series, which used fission reaction..."
  • "... great strides had been made in battlesuit design, particularly in the areas of power sources and increased weapons loadouts."
  • "By the end of this period, the repulsor jump jets came into their own.."

Given these facets, I don't think materials improved significantly over the course of the XT-XV lifespan, so I believe the level of protection likely hasn't changed; meaning an armor save like the standard suits is probable. In regards to the jump jets, it might be that the anti-gravitic jets coupled with fission engines enabled the suits to jump at all; previous incarnations were likely just bulky, heavy infantry keeping pace due to the exoskeletons of the suits.

Something to note is that in previous incarnations of our codex XV8s needed to purchase multi-trackers as additional equipment. Much like rail rifles debuting with Gets Hot! because of their experimental nature, I believe that the previous XT/XV suits likely did not have access to multi-trackers. That weapons loadouts were "increased" signals to me that this was before the advent of the multi-tracker or perhaps even easily twin-linked weapons. Also, certain weapons may not have been available to the original T-series due to the power limitations of the era. Burst cannons, missile pods, and flamers were likely the standard requiring less power and advanced tech than CIBs, plasma rifles, and fusion blasters.

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 07 2014 10:27
by Vay
ARC'Thunder - LOL, what you missed was a V1.001 version that had a plate armor look. Think micro version of the Dreadnaughts. I got all of that armor on the suit, stopped, and went back to what would the T-series really have. After doing a retake, all that armor came off and I went back to just adding what we know.

I completely agree that armor and basic "functions" of the suit seem baseline and have not changed through XV8-88-9-104-107. Even 15-22-25 have the basic build. I also came to the conclusion that size categories started at XV8 size. The smaller and bigger variants are all technological advances in some way.

I really like your thoughts on the multi-tracker and options. I did not mount excessive electronics as I felt most of the suit power would be taken by the weapon (BC) or for jumping. The suits fuel would be used via the flamer and the engine. So the pilot is trying to balance the limited resources of the T-Series.

The back is a fuel combustion engine with 45 degree adjustable dual thrusters (for short controlled bursts). Fuel is in high pressure micro containers under the engine and behind the butt/waist. An older version of the flamer with a feed line that goes into the shoulder is on the right hand, a older model BC with plate shielding is on the left. I imagine a tech around early Mark 2-3 in design, so the jump capability is limited and very basic function. The model mostly allows for a higher weapons load out on the FW trooper.

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 07 2014 10:31
by Chris in the socal
What did you use for the head on the suit I can't really tell from the angle you shot the pics. Really like the way it looks like.

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 07 2014 11:04
by Vay
One of the older style looking heads from the Chapter house heads line.
There will be better front pics as the evolution continues.

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 07 2014 11:55
by Creaky Robot
I like your Pirahna Riptide combination, I could definitely imagine it as a test bed for the riptide. Keep up the good work.

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 07 2014 02:18
by Chris in the socal
Vay thanks for the quick response. That head really has a cool look on that model.

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 10 2014 08:31
by Vay
Flight stand examples.

Steel Rod 1/8th inch > GW t Base > 1/2 inch Aluminum Rod.

Drill point for Barracuda 1/8th inch or so rod (Green Circle).

AX1-0 1/2 inch drill point, 1 inch deep.

1/2 inch on aluminum plate stand.

Items used - example.

T Series update:

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 29 2014 12:30
by Vay
Motivated by Shas'O Darklighter

This is a combo of my old design and his use of the smaller oval. I cast molded a oval with 12 washer discs embedded in the front arc. I then re-drilled and mounted the old tower/rod. The combined weight and off weight worked like a charm!

Here is it flying next to its Space Hulk raiding force.

Dam you overwhelming desire to build bases on this new weighted theory!
Orca is now "Hover" and flight stand enabled.
And deploying troops onto my table...

- Yes, it is oddly forward that you see the mounts for the flight stand. That is because the Orca is a BIG girl and carries all her weight in the front!
- Might have used Steel rods over Aluminum. Time will tell...
- Space for the drill points was lined up under the middle of the chairs. This gave me roughly .5 - 1 CM of drill space for the rods-seat.
- Base has 16 metal washers for weight in a I formation. Space was left at the "optimal" drill areas.
- Salt as a mold modifier did not go as envisioned. It looks like liquid plastic is mildly solvent with Salt?!? It did offer a mild surface "roughness" as intended.
- Drilling an Orca makes your soul bleed and until finished and working the sense of self loathing would not go away...
- Once in the air, Happy Tau Commander!

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 30 2014 10:14
by Shas'O Darklighter
I'm glad to have been an inspiration Vay. Have you found it to be much easier to play with these models now they are on a more manageable base size?

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Jan 30 2014 11:09
by Vay
O my (Something creative and witty) yes!

"Helga" my loving wide hipped Orca can not go to the dance party down town with the Khornites because the roads are too narrow. Thanks to the new slimmer base she can party like a rock star with her 57 closest friends.

Ain't no Party like an Orca party, cause an Orca parties got pulse rounds!
(I will post some actual combat footage... Here is some old combat footage...) (Pre base: No where to park)
She had to "shimmy" her way in there. It was the only landing spot near the target.

Also very notable on the AX1-0. I am on the drawing board for how to mount the Tigershark. Probably goal pole style as well.

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Feb 10 2014 11:07
by Vay
So when a guy needs 1 more Kroot hound, what should he do?
1) Buy one
2) Breed one
3) Make one out of parts... and pair him with a Cron eating Kroot with a cybernetic addiction! And yes, that is a Necron hip bone mace.

What should the Kroot hound live in?
If you said Macro Cannon, then you are correct!

And Defenses on Taros...

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Feb 10 2014 11:23
by Unusualsuspect
Beautifully done as always, Vay.

Unfortunately, the link to the first picture appears to be broken... or at the very least, it does not appear for me. :-( :::(

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Feb 10 2014 11:51
by Vay
Fixed Image

Re: [Project] Pre T series, LRV1 and XV107 R'Varna

Posted: Feb 10 2014 11:57
by Unusualsuspect
Lookin' good!

What piece did you use to give the Neaderthal-esque brow to the Kroot? I'm actually guessing it is being used as a helmet of sorts, but from a distance, it has that sort of feel to me. The 'cron hip-turned-club helps that along tremendously. :D