Demiurge Automated Drones

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Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#1 » Nov 19 2016 06:29

Hey everyone,

I'm converting a Demiurge for the tabletop- probably a counts-as Broadside in games, my own rules in friendly games.

I've been thinking it'd be cool to model something like this:

Rather than going in the space dwarves direction, I think of the Demiurge is an almost entirely mechanical species, kind of like a xenos version of the Adeptus Mechanicum with a very small portion remaining biological. As the Tau name for the species is Bentu'sin, I also think they're more like the Bentusi from Homeworld.

I'm interpreting the Demiurge as a rarity in the galaxy and even more so on the battlefield with a single soldier being a veritable tank with flocks of defensive drone like creations. Since the Demiurge in BFG are described as having modular drone-like machines that can convert into any offensive ordinance, I was wondering what the community might think their automatons might look like?
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Re: Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#2 » Nov 19 2016 07:02

Gosh - there is more to work off lately than a year ago. Even still they are enigmatic indeed.

You could go the route of Oblivion style orb drones - but hexagons, they stack easier, can reform into defensive walls or break out and attack individually.

There is a Sci Fi race I'm thinking of from a comic or movie, but can't quite pin it at the moment. I'll look thorugh my inspiration folders for more art.

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Re: Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#3 » Nov 19 2016 08:11

The image you linked to reminded me of the Geth from Mass Effect, particularly the Geth Destroyers- ... 0625040647

Going with the primarily machine/minimal-to-no organic elements seems like it would fit a concept similar to how the Geth work, being interconnected/interlocking AI systems that work off each other. Unfortunately I don't know much about the Demiurge, so I can't comment beyond the inspiration your post/picture supplied, but I may do some research and see what comes to mind.
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Re: Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#4 » Nov 19 2016 10:24

My own home brewed Demi-urg rules focus on lots of automated drones plus a few small to large walkers piloted by the Demi-urg themselves. Alas I have neither the time or skill to model them appropriately.

In regards to the look of them, I see their actual machinery as very utilitarian in design. Their tech is advanced, but given their primary opponent is the unyielding rock of mineral rich asteroids, a certain level of brute force is required to get things done.

If I were modeling them from GW products, the Demi-urg themselves would probably based around a Centurion or a similar sized battle automata and apply Mechanium bits liberally.

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Re: Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#5 » Nov 19 2016 11:33

A long long time ago when I was just a child and first getting into 40k, I once read a wikipedia article about the Tau. I no longer remember if it was just a generic one or more focused on their military, but I do remember coming across a section on allies that included the Demiurg. Amongst the various bits and pieces like being space miners and using reconfigured mining drones as attack craft, it mentioned the Demiurg fielding heavy armour in the form of large tanks with advanced ion weapons. It was almost certainly apocryphal, but the image stuck with me ever since (especially as it's a fun contrast with the other auxiliaries, who traditionally support the Tau with infantry of various kinds).

As a result whenever I think of what Demiurg ground forces would be like I always come back to the idea of large heavy skimmer tanks with powerful ion weapons (it is after all a common theory that the Tau gained ion weapon technology from the Demiurg originally) or possibly miniaturised cutting beams. I tend to picture them as long, dark and industrial in appearance, looking something like a cross-between a Hammerhead, a steam locomotive and a roadheader (come to think of it, a Demiurg roadheader drone could probably be reconfigured into a tank or self-propelled gun quite easily if it already had a sufficiently armoured chassis - all you'd need to do is switch out the drill for a gun of some kind).

For further inspiration, consider real-life mining equipment. I've already flagged up roadheaders, but coal-face cutters/shearers/power-loaders or continuous miner machines (or even bucket-wheel excavators if you're wanting ideas for super-heavy units) might also be worth taking a look at.
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Re: Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#6 » Nov 20 2016 05:26

Interesting concept. Close to Tau mecha but still different so it is easy to imagine that the model was made by Tau allies. I am eager to see what you

But I think that adding another mechanical species in the 40K universe is not very trilling: we already have Necrons for robots with soul, Mechanicum for metal over flesh commanding robots, Tin men for pure robots, ...

I looked to make 3D models of demiurg, loosely based on LordDirk concept (too bad my time is currently very limited)
It is dwarvish enough for nostalgia and dwarf-miner stereotype, but still alien.
I liked the original crystalline feel of some parts (like Shale from Dragon Age), making sense that they have modular machines much like crystals that assemble (individual "hexagon" drones with each having a specific role and assembled differently to build any machine).
In that design, I see a drone more like a "Geomag" assembly of octaedrons with different sizes and purpose.
Like this spider, but much more "humanoid"

My fluff vision for those interested (spoiler tag seems not working, so I used quote)
Since quite nothing is told about their origins, I defined a symbiotic relationship between crystal and organic, like oysters, but in humanoid form: organic provide the movement, minerals provide the shape. They came from a system where the moon hosting primordial life was torn apart into an asteroid belt around a Jupiter-like planet some time after life has evolved.
Life has continued, but with the need to grow mineral shells to protect them when "travelling" from one rock to another to gather materials. Organic cells regenerate in time so any individual is virtually immortal (but they reproduce very slowly due to their poor material surroundings in free organic material).
The crystals also helps them to provide energy to their organic cells thanks to the radiations converted by specific kind of crystals.
Crystals allow too to stock energy to be converted into weapon or propulsion (the "ionic" name because electrical charges are dispatched through ionic crystals).
Like most of advanced species in the 40K universe, they then found that the humanoid shape is the best one for interacting with their surroundings. But only a part of its species is humanoid: the young adults. "children" are the individual compound of each drones. Once many "children" have enough symbiotic relationships to be autonomous, they become humanoid, growing slower. Then, if a humanoid demiurg live long enough and start to be tired of the humanoid form, its is fed with enough matter to start shaping the minerals into mindless structures (any size from crates to spaceships) and his organic material is split in small parts to restart as an almost non sentient "children" drone.
(So I have the demiurg keywords : miner + spacefaring + resilient + ionic + long-life/wise)

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Re: Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#7 » Nov 20 2016 03:13

You might want to check out some of the various TAG unit from the inifinity range for your original vision. The Iron ancestor model from mantic might give you something to work with as well.
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Re: Demiurge Automated Drones

Post#8 » Nov 21 2016 02:03

For some reason I never imagined the Demiurge using skimmer-based craft. Something about them being such massive, bulky creatures made me think of wheeled, legged, or tracked vehicles being their preferred methods of transportation. Of all the interesting places to get inspiration; Lego. Look at historic Lego series such as Rock Raiders, Power Miners, and Mars Mission. I imagine them having things like the [rul=]Chrome Crusher[/url] or MT-101, where mining equipment is used as a weapon (not unlike the recently revamped Genestealer Cults), and perhaps weaponry added to the existing mining vehicle.

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