Tau Manta " Flight Base" ?

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Tau Manta " Flight Base" ?

Post#1 » Jan 25 2017 12:37

Hi! Myself ( The Tau newbe ) and my Partner ( The true Tau player ) are finaly getting a Tau Manta from Forgeworld, but we have seen that there is no flight base.

How would we go about building a custom one?

Any Ideas would welcome :biggrin:
There is Manta incoming!! :biggrin:

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Re: Tau Manta " Flight Base" ?

Post#2 » Jan 25 2017 08:30



Here's my take on the problem:

Three acrylic toilet plungers cut down to twelve - eighteen inches (12-18").
Six pieces of 3/4 pvc pipe cut to one or one and a quarter inch (1-11/4") Or whatever matches the diameter of toilet plunger.
Three pieces of masonite for bases. Size and shape will depend on what seems to work best for you. Nine to ten inches in diameter, cut in any shape.

Construction: Base Stands
1. Mount three pieces or cut pvs to underneath the model in a triangular pattern. I would drill and mount with screws and resin epoxy.
2. Mount one piece of pvc to a piece of masonite in the same manner.
3. Base stands: mount the three pieces of plunger into the pvc on the bases. Secure with resin epoxy and screws as well.
4. Then you insert each of the completed base stands into the piece of pvc mounted on the Manta model.

The basic idea here is create three different bases that will support the model. You'll want to check the placement of the pvc brackets so as give you maximum support for the model. You could even run a support pieces of wood or plastic from each base to each base to give further support and keep them all in the right position.

It's possible that at whatever hardware store you go to will have "T" shaped metal brackets (or even pvc brackets) that are the right diameter as the toilet plungers. Then you have a ready made bracket that you can mount directly under your model.

The big problem here is getting a stand that will support such a large model adequately and securely.

A. Spreading out the distance between bases (the triangular pattern) gives the best weight distribution and support to the model. Also reduces the chances of the model tipping over (AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Resin models kind of "explode" on impact!)
B. By keeping the height of each of the base pillars (toilet plunger) you minimize the damage,if does happens to be tip over. The lower to the table, less damage to the model. Higher elevation means greater damage to the model.

Well that's it. I hope something this will do the trick for you. Please post pictures of your progress, especially before you carry it out. This will allow members to give you some feed back. On such an expensive model you want to get all the help you can.

Hope that helps.
The TauMan
Viro’los gu brath!

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Re: Tau Manta " Flight Base" ?

Post#3 » Jan 25 2017 10:10

Look at low coffee table, side tables, low chairs that are clear and appropriate; with a expensive and heavy model like the Manta, I would avoid drilling holes in it, as there are interior space and detail, easily drilled off desired angle.
For the greater good!

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Re: Tau Manta " Flight Base" ?

Post#4 » Jan 26 2017 12:54

Build a Crane System for your table, like those overhangs you see on air hockey tables at the arcade kinda, but industrial:


You've already blown nerd money on the Manta, and will blow nerd hours on the painting and modeling. Just go balls deep and finish the fight. Suspend that mother over the battlefield.

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Re: Tau Manta " Flight Base" ?

Post#5 » Jan 26 2017 09:27

With a construction time of approximately four years (off and on) my manta eventually flew at the Escalation event at Warhammer World in December.

The main flying stand comprised an 18 mm thick by 400 mm diameter disk of mdf. Into this were screwed four wooden blocks, each block being made of three 25mm thick by 75 mm diameter disks. Each of these blocks were centre drilled with a 25mm diameter hole.

Each block acts as the support for a 25 mm diameter, 400 mm perspex rod upon which the manta is supported in turn. Each rod goes through the loading bay hull and sockets into more wooden constructs aimed at keeping the flying ends seated in place and spreading the load on the two main fuselage pieces.

This unlikely construct is disguised by four imperial bastions, which by a staggering coincidence, not only fit neatly over the support blocks, but have a perfectly positioned hatches which once removed, allow the support rods to go straight through.

I'll attempt to post a picture shortly...



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Re: Tau Manta " Flight Base" ?

Post#6 » Jan 29 2017 05:45

Thank you all :biggrin:
All of your ideas have helped us see that there is a way to "Fly " this.... :D
We would Suspend that mother, but we are doing charity events and it will be coming with us :biggrin:

When it arrives I will post photos and if I can post links to videos on how its progressing!

Thank you from The Tau Newbe & The True Tau Player x
There is Manta incoming!! :biggrin:

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