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AVP minis

Post#1 » Nov 23 2017 08:29

So I was browsing online to see what I might use instead of kroot hounds. I looked on this board as well of course.
I found these: http://shop.prodosgames.com/alien-vs-pr ... ounds.html
I couldn't find any mention of them yet here. So I thought i'd post up.

They don't seem to be a much cheaper alternative but they are better looking in my opinion. For actually cheaper models you might want to go with alien stalkers or infants. http://shop.prodosgames.com/8-alien-vs-predator

They definitely fit the ripping claws rule better.
I've never been a big fan of kroot models. I think the alien line would be a good stand in for all the kroot. Although you might have to get creative and add "cybernetic implants" to denote weapons and such.

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Re: AVP minis

Post#2 » Nov 24 2017 11:18

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