Replacement stealth drones?

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Replacement stealth drones?

Post#1 » Dec 10 2017 05:45

Hey gang!

When packing up my army last week after a game, I've managed to lose both the MV5 stealth drones for my ghostkeel!

Does anyone know of a cheap place to replace such parts? (There is 2 on eBay but they are around £18/$25 with international shipping) or an easy way of kit bashing or moulding a replacement, maybe with something like a guardian drone?
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Re: Replacement stealth drones?

Post#2 » Dec 10 2017 12:58

Tournament play that isn't wysiwyg. In friendly game just proxy them

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Re: Replacement stealth drones?

Post#3 » Dec 10 2017 01:37

HoardObits sells a pair for about 12$, don't know another source for you.

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