Approaching the original Tau release date!

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Approaching the original Tau release date!

Post#1 » Jan 09 2018 08:57

This is a little inane and math-obsessed rather than fluff or crunch based. I hope this is the right place to post this.

We at ATT have been SO busy and a-flutter with the advent of 8th edition! While perusing the boards, I noticed that we have (at the time of this post) 13942 threads (this being the 13943rd) and a grand total of 1992 pages! Does that look like a year to any of the rest of you? We've been very busy here! Now, those old guns of us who still recall a time before Tau got its punctuation drone may know that the faction was introduced in 2001. With each page being 7 threads, we're 65 new threads (counting this one) away from making it to 2001! This may just be my neurotic math-obsessed earth caste side, but I'm so excited to see our release year come across my screen like this!

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