[1] How to Succeed on ATT

What members of ATT expect from each other.
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[1] How to Succeed on ATT

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1) Treat each other with respect whilst using family-appropriate language.
2) Post with substance or not at all (includes proper spelling and grammar).
3) Post only what you know. If you're unsure about something, look it up.
4) Stay on topic.
5) Ask/search before you propose the Next Big Thing.
6) Post in existing topics rather than starting new ones.
7) Be ethical.
8) Respect intellectual property rights.
9) Avatars : 80x80 pixels in size, non-animated.
10) Signatures are limited to 55 characters.

Advanced Tau Tactica is a content-driven, peer-review community that exists to promote the development of user-submitted articles and projects. In gue'la terms, that means ATT exists for people who enjoy shared development of winning tactics and insane modelling. This sense of focus is at the core of our mission statement. We do have high standards, which have kept the clutter down and the good content out in the open for nearly a decade.

Well-written, respectful dialogue is part of what distinguishes ATT, and we're proud of it. Anyone can join ATT, but if you want to participate, do it well. Take a moment to review our Member Guidelines and Expectations.

The Admin team may warn, delete, or ban users whose posts consistently fail to meet the criteria explained in our Membership Guide, so basically, just work toward the Greater Good of the community and the Security Drone will leave you alone. Reasonable allowances will be made for those members for whom English is not their primary language.

Perhaps the biggest mistake a new member can make within minutes of activating their account, is post up a "Flavour of the Week" topic and clamour for responses. Instead, read through such forums and articles as The Academy and practice using the Search feature to get a feel for our "culture". ATT has a huge wealth of information that can help new players and vets alike. Reading up to a third of all the "Active Topics" of interest to you, before making your first post is suggested.

Post a Member Profile
We encourage new members to share whatever they're comfortable with in the Member Profiles section. This helps us to get to know you and builds a sense of community. It also allows us to understand your level of experience and approach to better answer future questions you might have.

Posting a Profile which includes a location (country or city, for example) also permits others in your area who are wishing to expand their gaming group to "find you" with the Search Function on ATT. A thread for this purpose has been set up here.

List your Country of Origin
Edit your account profile to include at least your country of origin and whether or not you are a native English speaker. This is especially important for our non-English speaking members so we're aware of your language barrier.

Read the Membership Primers and Stickies
They're there for a reason, stop misunderstandings.

Make your First Post Count
ATT is a tight knit community and we rely heavily on first impressions. Do your homework, follow the above suggestions, and put some effort into your first post. ATT thrives on quality, not quantity.

Respond to Requests from Ranked Members
ATT's ranked members have a tremendous collective wealth of experience and knowledge and we trust them to maintain the overall quality of the site through their own fine example, through direct suggestion if necessary. Please heed their advice and requests.


Advanced Tau Tactica is an article-based site that uses an "online forum" to promote the development of well written, user-submitted articles and projects. We maintain very high standards so that like-minded gamers, modellers and hobby enthusiasts may collaborate with their peers without distraction.

We welcome anyone who can write and think clearly to join us. Quality work and respect for your fellow members in the Concourse levels are the only path to higher rank and full posting rights in the other forums. Lurking is strongly encouraged and promotion can be swift if your contributions show quality.

Above all else, please remember: they're just little plastic spacemen.

Ranks & Privileges

New members to ATT are unranked (Shas'Registered) and granted post/reply privileges. Approximately 48 hours, new members are automatically promoted to Shas'Saal. (Please logout/login for the promotion to take effect).

Members in training, reading and learning from the accumulated works throughout the site, while absorbing the culture of ATT. Granted post/reply privileges in all forums.

Members of ATT noted and promoted for good content creation and conversation. Granted post/reply privileges in all forums. In future Saal & La ranks will merge.

Veteran members exemplify the attitude and bearing which best promote the goals of the site. Granted full post/reply privileges in all forums, as well as the ability to select discussions for relocation to topical subforums. Highest attainable member rank.

Site Moderators.

Senior Moderators.

Site Administrators.

Please note that "Shas" may in some cases be replaced by "Por", "Kor", "Fio", "Gue" or other title. The ranks and their accredited privileges remain the same.

Ranks/Caste/Command Structure

I noticed there was no post count. Aside from the Ranks under people's names, how will you differentiate a new poster from one who has contributed greatly?
ATT is different from many of the online communities in which you may have participated. Our core members have a tremendous collective wealth of experience and knowledge, and we trust them to maintain the overall quality of this forum through their own fine example. We also do not believe that post count is a direct proportional reflection of said named poster's experience, and as such have had it removed.

In order to help new members orient themselves, we've instituted a simple set of Rankings and Access Protocols which embodies our core values.

I see that some members are part of different castes like Kor or Fio. What caste options are available, do they have any special privileges and how can I change my caste?
Available castes are:

    Shas (default)

There are no special features or privileges associated with any of the castes. Castes are an option available to add a degree of Tau related personalization to a member's profile.
To have your caste changed, PM Gue'El Che Gue'vesa or Fio'El Wolfs16 with your request.


ATT is built in a fashion which reinforces the intention of the site; to promote the development and peer evaluation of well written, user-submitted articles. ATT is not the place for the posting of frivolous questions, the proposition of blatantly ill-conceived tactical notions, or the showcasing of poorly painted minis which clearly have had little time or effort invested into them. To facilitate this goal, posting privileges are limited across many portions of the site until members have proven their maturity and understanding of ATT's purpose.

As a new member you have the ability to start topics in multiple forums.

The main forums are broken up into various castes, each associated to the core purpose of the sub forums. Fire Caste Academy for Tactics, Earth Caste Workshops for Modelling and so on. This small touch of flavour leads into several clearly defined sub forums. Decide which best suits your topic and begin a new thread in that sub-forum.

As ideas pass through various stages of peer-review and receiving community merit will ultimately end up in the Articles or appropriate topic sections. Over time, this collection becomes a polished resource for the community.

Army Lists
ATT has a long and torrid relationship with Army Lists. On the one hand, they are are an invaluable tool for discussing new tactics. On the other hand, army lists often invite poorly thought-out posts that amount to nothing more than "here's a list I'm putting together for a tournament, help me tweak it." Such posts do not follow ATT's central mission statement -- specifically, they add nothing of quality to our community. If you're a looking for generic army list critique, please look to one of the many other excellent online Warhammer 40K discussion forums. If you're looking for tactical and strategic discussions, then this may be the site for you.

Custom Units and Fan Codex
Recent months have seen an increasing number of user-created rules and units. Often times, these creations embody the ATT ethos - content-driven, peer-reviewed, and serious-minded. Unfortunately, many of these custom units and rules do little to advance the purpose of the site, amounting to little more than "here's a unit I'm putting together, help me tweak it."

After careful deliberation, the administrators and moderators of ATT have decided custom units and rules will be treated just like Army Lists: permissible if they advance the purpose of this website.

Allowable expressions of custom units and rules include:

a) If a member wants to put up a model they've made in Modelling to represent a new custom unit they're creating.
b) If a member wants to put up a battle report in Field Experience to showcase a game they played with a new custom unit they're creating.

Allowances will be made for extremely high quality story/scenario-driven units, complete codices and mini-codices, provided they meet the conditions of either or both of rules 1 and 2 above.

High Quality Examples
Bell of Lost Soul's minidexes or Kompletely Kroot's unofficial 5th edition update.

By contrast : units that attempt to "fix" the Tau codex by providing a "balance" of heavily armored, melee-oriented units are subject to a limited future on ATT.
Non-interactive systems monitor.

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