[3] Abbreviation and Jargon Guide

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[3] Abbreviation and Jargon Guide

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XV8 Configuration Naming Conventions
German translation, available here! Produced by minamoto and cross.mountain. Our thanks.
(note, the german translation has not been updated for the 2013 Tau codex)

One Weapon Suits
One weapon suits mount a single twin-linked weapon or two separate weapons of the same type.

Sunforge (SF): Twinlinked Fusion Blaster / Sunforge-D (SFD): 2 Fusion Blasters
Deathrain (DR): Twinlinked Missile Pod / Deathrain-D (DRD): 2 Missile Pods
Cloudburst (CB): Twinlinked Burst Cannon / Cloudburst-D (CBD): 2 Burst Cannons
Burning Eye (BE): Twinlinked Plasma Rifle / Burning Eye-D (BED): 2 Plasma Rifles
Heatwave (HW): Twinlinked Flamer / Heatwave-D (HWD): 2 Flamers

Mixed Weapon Suits
Mixed weapon suits mount two different weapons. These suit names were developed from the following rough pattern:

Plasma Rifle: "Knife/Blade"
Missile Pod: "Fire"
Fusion Blaster: "Forge"
Burst Cannon: "Storm"
Flamer: "Soul"
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector: "Thunder"
Cyclic Ion Blaster: "Ion"

A few common examples include:

Fireknife (FK): Plasma Rifle + Missile Pod
Helios: Plasma Rifle + Fusion Blaster
Bladestorm / Blinding Spear: Plasma Rifle + Burst Cannon
Fireforge: Missile Pod + Fusion Blaster
Firestorm: Missile Pod + Burst Cannon
Stormforge: Burst Cannon + Fusion Blaster
Thunderstorm: Burst Cannon + Airbursting Fragmentation Projector
Ion Knife/Centurion: Cyclic Ion Blaster + Plasma Rifle
Ion Storm: Cyclic Ion Blaster + Burst Cannon

When one of the weapons in a mixed weapon suit is twin-linked, a numeric suffix is added to the standard config name denoting the strength of the weapon that is twin-linked. A suit with a Plasma Rifle and a Twin-linked Fusion Blaster is referred to as a Helios-8 since the weapon that is twin-linked has a strength of 8.

Three Weapon Suits
Three weapon suits mount three different weapons.

Sunfire: Plasma Rifle + Missile Pod + Fusion Blaster

Other Unique Configurations
Raven: Shas'vre carrying both Multispectrum Sensor Suite and Command & Control Node, plus user's choice of other systems
Kingfisher/Support'O: Shas'O carrying both Multispectrum Sensor Suite and Command & Control Node, plus user's choice of other systems
Shas'O'mortal: Shas'O equipped with XV8-02 Iridium Battlesuit, Stimulant Injectors, a Shield Generator, and user's choice of other systems (A Shas'O'Mortal that forgoes the Shield Generator is known as a Stimridium Commander

For a more detailed look into naming battlesuits, visit the XV8 Naming Guide in the Articles.

Troops and Vehicles

DF or 'Fish: Devilfish
ECPA: Earth Caste Pilot Array
'El: Shas'El, Firewarrior rank
EMP Commandos: Pathfinders equipped with EMP grenades
EMP Grenadiers: Firewarriors equipped with EMP grenades
FW or FCW: Firewarrior or Fire Caste Warrior
GD: Gun drones
HH: Hammerhead
IC: Independent Character (not to be confused with Ion Cannon)
Ionhead or IH: Ion cannon-armed Hammerhead
Iontide: Ion Accelerator-armed Riptide
KH: Kroot Hounds
'La: Shas'La, Firewarrior rank
MC: Monstrous Creature
Missileside: Broadside with High Yield Missile Pod
MLS: Marker Light Support
'O: Shas'O, Firewarrior rank
PF: Pathfinders
PoD: Paradox of Duality
Railhead or RH: Railgun-armed Hammerhead
Railside: Broadside with Heavy Rail Rifle
SDT: Sniper Drone Team
SFN: Seismic Fibrillator Node
SS or Stealths: Stealth Suits
Talisman: Talisman of Arthas Moloch
'Vre: Shas'Vre, Firewarrior rank
Warfish or Smartfish: Devilfish armed with SMS

Weapons and Vehicle Wargear

AFP: Airbursting Fragmentation Projector
ATS: Advanced Targeting System
ARS: Automated Repair System
BC: Burst Cannon
BK: Bonding Knife (wargear item has replaced general 'bonding')
BSF: Black Sun Filter
CCN: Command & Control Node
CDS: Counterfire Defense System
CIB: Cyclic Ion Blaster
DC: Drone Controller
DL: Decoy Launchers
DPod: Disruption Pod
EMP: EMP grenades
EWO: Early Warning Override
FB: Fusion Blaster
FC: Fusion Cascade
FD: Flechette Discharger (vehicle only)
FD: Failsafe Detonator (crisis only)
FL: Flamer
Flmr: Flamer
HYMP: High-Yield Missile Pod
IA: Iridium Armour or Ion Accelerator (should be obvious in context)
IC: Ion Cannon
LS: Longstrike
MD: Marker Drones
ML: Markerlight
MP: Missile Pod
MSSS or M3S: Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite
MT: Multitracker
NSJ: Neuroweb System Jammer
OG: Onager Gauntlet
PDTR: Point Defense Targeting Relay
PEN: Puretide Engram Neurochip
PG: Photon Grenades
PIG: Phased Ion Gun
PosRel: Positional Relay
PR: Plasma Rifle
PSR: Pulse Submunition Rifle
RIF: Repulsor Impact Field
RG: Railgun
RR: Rail Rifle
SD: Shield Drones
SG: Shield Generator
SI/Stims: Stimulant Injector
SMS: Smart Missile System
SS: Sensor Spines
DL: Decoy Launcher
TL: Twin-linked, or Target Lock (should be obvious in the context, or you can use a colon to show the TL weapon--TL:PR)
TLHRR or TL-HRR: Twin-linked Heavy Rail Rifle
VRT: Vectored retro thrusters
VT: Velocity Tracker

Other Tau and 40k Abbreviations

40k: The shorthand of Warhammer 40,000.
AM: Astra Militarum
ATSKNF: 'And They Shall Know No Fear.' A Space Marine special rule that allows broken marine units to automatically rally at the beginning of their next turn,
BRB: 'Big Rule Book' or 'Basic Rule Book', the book containing the rules to Warhammer 40.000.
In previous editions also known as : BRB 'Big Red Book', BBB 'Big Black Book' and/or BGB 'Big Grey Book' are nicknames for the 40k rulebook. The BBB is the 3rd ed one (though people call the 4th ed book this) and the BGB is the 4th ed one. The BRB is the 5th ed version.
Historical note: there was a 'Little Black Book' in 2nd edition, but it was the temporary, pre-codex update army list book (similar to those in the BBB), rather than a rulebook.
BG: BodyGuard
BtB: Base to Base. Describes models whose bases are actually touching in Close Combat.
CC: Close combat. Another name for the fighting in the assault phase.
'Crons: Necrons.
CSM: Chaos Space Marines.
DoG: Death or Glory.
CoD: 'Cities Of Death' a supplement to the 40k rulebook for City Fighting in 40k.
FoF: Not 'fleet of foot,' rather a tactic called 'Fish of Fury.' See here for more info.
FRFSRF First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire order from Astra Militarum Codex
FSE: FarSight Enclave: An army from the Farsight Enclaves Codex Supplement.
Geq or GEQ: 'Guard EQuivalent' Slang for troops with a 5+ save and toughness 3, such as Astra Militarum).
HtH: Hand to Hand (assaulting)
IG: Imperial Guard (note, Astra Militarum is now the proper term for Imperial Guard)
JSJ/J-S-J: 'Jump-Shoot-Jump'--the classic Tau move by crisis and stealth suits (and some drones) afforded by Tau jetpacks. Jump in the movement phase, shoot in the shooting phase, and jump again in the assault phase. This is often done into and out of line of sight.
LOS: Line of sight.
Meq or MEQ: 'Marine EQuivalent' Slang for troops with a 3+ save and toughness 4, such as marines, Chaos marines and Necrons. Most common variable in weapon comparison statistics.
Nids: Tyranids.
RAI: 'Rules As Intended". The 'common sense' interpretation of the rules, as opposed to RAW. See next entry.
RAW: 'Rules As Written.' The extremely literal interpretation of any ambiguous rules, often opposed to the 'common sense' interpretation of the rules. For instance, 'RAW' states that terminators don't have terminator armour, as it isn't listed in their wargear, whilst 'common sense' states that they do.
SM: Space Marines.
TAD: 'Transports Alternate Dimension': The place your models go when they enter a transport, and are therefore 'no longer on the table.'
TEq: Terminator Equivalent: 2+ save, Toughness 4
TLOS: True Line Of Sight: A method adopted in 5th Edition 40k for ascertaining if a model can see their target. "If you can see it , you can shoot it". There are specifics to be considered, all of which are explained in the relevant section of the main 40k Rulebook.
VDR: Vehicle Design Rules. A set of optional rules that allow you to design or modify vehicles. These were introduced during the early stages of the 4th Edition of Warhammer 40k, thus are somewhat outdated.
WAAC: 'Win at all costs.'
RP: 'Reanimation Protocols.' The name of the wonderful regenerative powers that Necrons have.
WIP: Work in Progress. Usually relates to army lists, conversions or paint jobs that aren't finished yet.

Classic Internet Abbreviations

FTW: 'For the win'
FYI: For Your Information
IIRC: If I recall correctly
IMO/IMHO: In my opinion/in my humble opinion
LOL: Laughing out loud/lots of laughs
OP: Original Poster. The person who started the particular topic.
OT: Off Topic
TBH: To Be Honest
WTF!?: What's that, Fred!?
WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get: The requirement for any weapon/wargear upgrades taken to be modelled on the figure or vehicle. There are some exceptions to this rule: grenades, Hard-wired wargear, etc.
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