[2] Guidelines & Admin Team [incl. IP Rules]

What members of ATT expect from each other.
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[2] Guidelines & Admin Team [incl. IP Rules]

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The following Guidelines and Expectations are required reading for all members. They outline a set of expectations which must be followed on ATT. No set of guidelines can possibly be 100% complete however, and the ATT staff reserves the right to modify or delete any post for any reason. Chances are if your post has disappeared, you've inadvertently violated one of the following:

Treat each other with Respect.
This can't be over-stressed. Intelligent criticism from an informed position is encouraged, but cut-downs and sarcasm are not. Preview your post before you submit it. Is it possible the other person will be insulted or will misunderstand your points? If so, edit it. If you're too irritated to think straight, come back and post later when you're feeling more diplomatic. Remember, our foremost goal as a community is to help each other improve, not to set up "pecking orders" or show off our superior intelligence/understanding/martial prowess. A little bit of humility in your posts goes a long way towards getting folks to listen to what you have to say: remember, many of the folks reading your posts have been playing for a darn long time and know their stuff.

Use appropriate language for a G-rated site (U-rated).
Using swear words and other inappropriate language is not permitted. Please make sure that no one can be offended by anything they may read here by keeping bad language, double entendres and so forth out of our forums. Self-censorship is also not accepted, as this shows the content was inappropriate in the first place.

Post with Substance or not at all.
This site is paid for and maintained entirely by volunteers. Every post you make, we pay for out of our own pockets, and out of our own time. Make our investment in the community worthwhile by only posting when you have something of substance to contribute. "Shoutin' out to my peeps." doesn't cut it. "This army list sucks." also doesn't cut it. Both types will result in the post being deleted without informing the poster. Use the clearest language you can, check and re-check your spelling, research your hypotheses before you post, and provide quantifiable evidence that supports your point.

"Substance" includes proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Obviously we all make occasional mistakes, and allowances will be made for non-English speaking members and members with disabilities* who make a reasonable effort to post well. However, unreadable or very poorly-written posts will not be accepted from anyone. The same applies to signatures.

This also includes high standards regarding any photographic images submitted of completed or Work-In-Progress models. Please take a moment to ensure that any such pictures are correctly focussed. Out-of-focus pictures are not "of high standard" and are not easy to look at, so please do not post them.

Also, do not write entire posts in color, bold, capital letters or italics. These tools should only be used for emphasis, NOT entire posts. Using capitals or large size format is also seen as Internet SHOUTING. Please do not SHOUT at your fellow members.

Please note that RED is reserved for the exclusive use of the Moderators and Admins.

*The ATT staff fully respects the privacy of its members and we do not require disclosure of any specific, sensitive information. However, we do request that a PM be sent to any of our staff informing us of a need for special consideration due to a disability.

Nationality & Language
Although the site has members from many different countries (and therefore different languages), the common language used on ATT is English. Whilst it may be very tempting to use phrases from a non-English language, please remember that not everyone will understand what is written. It also makes it hard for Moderators to know if something may require "moderating". If you do decide to include something in a non-English language, you MUST provide an accurate translation alongside it.

Post Only what you Know.
If you THINK you know how a rule works, or what the cost of a unit is, or any other fact about a given subject, verify it before you post it. If you don't own or have easy access to the relevant source material (codex, rulebook, FAQ, etc), don't post until you've double-checked that what you think is true is actually stated in the source material.

Stay on Topic.
An off-topic post that starts with "sorry to go off-topic" doesn't cut it. It's a distraction to those who are trying to discuss a particular concept or idea. If you have something off-topic that you MUST say, start a new thread elsewhere. Be sure that your new thread follows the Member Guidelines and Expectations.

Search/Ask before you propose the Next Big Thing.
Many folks here have been analyzing and testing Tau armies for years. An awful lot of innovation has already occurred and been written down here for posterity. If you have an idea for the Next Big Thing, start by querying to see if anyone else has already worked it out. This saves you time (no need to wait for a response) and saves everyone else time (no need to re-read about your not-new idea). It's a win-win situation!

Post in existing topics rather than starting new ones.
If after using the search feature, you identify that a thread already exists on the topic you wish to discuss, please read through the existing posts and respond with any additional comments you might have. Many forums discourage the practice of "Thread Necromancy" which is the act of bringing back old topics that have not been added to in many months. Here at ATT, we'd much rather you post in an old thread than create a new one. This ensures that all discussion on a single topic is collected in one place. That being said, item #2 above still applies: if all you've got to add is, "Nice list, I like it," please refrain from resurrecting the old topic.

Be Ethical.
We occasionally use polls to get information about the community, and to gauge where the majority of us stand on an idea. These polls are not contests, they are a chance for all of us to find out the opinions of our entire community. On this same note, any software has vulnerabilities, including this forum. Manipulating the results of polls, or manipulating this forum in any way is not only grounds for immediate lifetime banning, it's also really pathetic behavior.

Respect Intellectual Property Rights.
Games Workshop and other companies take their IP very seriously, and so should you. Violating their fair use policies could get ATT closed down, so think before you quote. Also, do not include individual points costs for wargear or models, or entire statlines of any kind.

GW Legal Department wrote:We do not tolerate deep linking to the pictures, images, PDFs or other downloads on our website. Such activity is bandwidth theft. Also, do not mirror the resources that we have on our websites. So, if you want other people to see the materials that we have produced, please use a simple HTML link to the relevant web page.

General Rules regarding GW IP
To help clarify our stance regarding the use on ATT of GW's Intellectual Property:

Try not to use GWIP at all, if possible.
For example, instead of saying something like "the fusion blaster is StrX, APX which will wound MEQs on a 2+ and prevent them from having an armor save" it is better to say "MEQs will be wounded on a 2+ and denied an armor save thanks to the high strength and low AP values of the fusion blaster." Granted, this assumes that you reader already knows the basic stat line for the fusion blaster. In the event that someone comes along and really doesn't know what's going on, its usually more beneficial to refer that person to the appropriate page of either the codex or rulebook rather than trying to explain everything from scratch. So to sum up, using stats, in general, is usually not necessary and should therefore be avoided whenever possible.

If you really must use stats, don't include the full stat line.
For example; Don't list a weapon's strength and AP or range and other specific details, etc together (even still, keep in mind that this is a gray area). Instead of saying the range is XX inches, say "rapid fire range" or "burst cannon range." Again, most everyone here will understand this and anyone who doesn't can be pointed towards the books.

Never, ever list individual point values for anything.
Listing the sum total of points for a squad is OK, but no item-by-item points breakdowns are ever allowed. ATT has zero tolerance for listing individual point values. Repeat offenders will be subject to administrative procedures. Nothing will get us smacked down faster by GW than by listing individual points values for wargear, unit models and upgrades. They will not hesitate to drop the hammer on us, so we in turn cannot be lax in policing this issue.

ATT's own IP
In addition, Sebastian Stuart has put a lot of effort into making ATT look and feel a certain way, from the header image to the avatars, emoticons and everything else that wasn't part of the original forum template. These graphics should not be used without his written permission. PM Shas'El Tael if you want more information.

Avatars : 80x80 pixels in size, non-animated, non-offensive (moderator discretion)
This ensures that the forum layout will not be disrupted by oversized or visually distracting avatar images. Anything else will be removed. You can find an entire gallery of official ATT Avatars via your profile page.

Signatures are limited to 55 characters.
Good posts speak for themselves.

The Admin team is always willing to help our members in any way that we can. Feel free to PM us If you are ever unsure of how to proceed at ATT:

Site Moderators:
Shas'Vre Fraggle
Kor'Vre SpartanTau
Shas'Vre Dal'yth Mont'sha
Kor'Vre Didi et Gogo
Shas'Vre Duredhel
Fio'Vre Agentarrow
Shas'Vre Modelglue
Shas'Vre Jefffar
Shas'Vre shasocastris
Shas'Vre De'terra
Shas'Vre Da Skyman
Por'Vre Aun Tier
Fio'Vre Bear
Shas'Vre Arka0415

Shas'Vre (Ret.) Prophaniti
Shas'Vre (Ret.) Mnemonic

Site Senior Moderators/Administrators
Shas'El El'mo
Shas'El Sa'cea Mont'yr
Fio'El Theambit
Shas'El Wolfs16
Gue'El Che Gue'vesa

Site Founders/Administrators:
Fio'O Tael Site Founder.
Shas'O T0nkaTruckDriver Site Founder.
Por'O (Ret.) Orange-Bell Site Founder.
Kor'O P'Shar's Rifles Site Founder.
Shas'O Eiglepulper
Por'O Revrandom
Drill-Shas'O Doombringer
Por'O Lyi'ot

Remember, everyone here is responsible for keeping ATT one of the foremost sites on the web for all things Tau, for the Greater Good. Hopefully these quick guidelines will be of help whenever the GWIP issue comes up. If anyone has specific questions, feel free to PM an of the moderators or administrators for more information.
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