Hobby Resource [Resin/plastic parts in Forgeworld XV suits]

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Re: What parts come with FW suits?

Post#19 » Feb 02 2009 11:10

I do as much as I can. You are very welcome.

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Re: [Resource] Resin/plastic parts in Forgeworld XV suits.

Post#20 » May 13 2009 12:26

I know this Thread is really old.. but I though it fitting to post an end all resource for viewing parts of All Crisis Suit Variants.

Check them out here:

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Re: [Resource] Resin/plastic parts in Forgeworld XV suits.

Post#21 » Jun 28 2009 10:19

Okay, okay! I'm thread-o-mancing! Keep your battlesuit on!

I'd just like to add that the only way to get a third free battlesuit is, as far as I'm aware, to buy Shas'O R'Myr and an XV-81.

That is all.

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