Miniatures [XV-9 Series Battlesuit Links]

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Miniatures [XV-9 Series Battlesuit Links]

Post#1 » May 06 2010 10:08

The XV-9 Series Tau Battlesuit
(Produced by Games Workshop : Forgeworld)

Welcome Fellow Fio,

No doubt you have come across the news there is a new Battlesuit available to the Tau Hobbyist. The aim of this thread is to gather all the varied threads discussing this new Tau model (as they are such rare releases) into an easy to click collection depending on your interest in the models. Below are links to hobby threads, rules threads, battle reports and rumours on further advancements in the XV9 series. This is part of the Resource Article archives available on ATT.

If I have missed a topic or you are about to develop a new project, please send a PM to me so I can update this thread. Until the next update, enjoy the work of our fellow fio on ATT :

The Battlesuits on Forgeworld

Image Image Image Image
Left to Right : Hazard Close Support Armor, Commander Shas'O R'Alai, [XV9-01] with Fusion Cascades, [XV9-04] with Phased Ion Guns

New XV-9 parts - Paulson Games
[WIP] Tau XV-9 'Hazard' Close Support Armour - NeoHunter
AA 40K Blog - XV9 Work - Weapons and Painting - Agentarrow
GD BLOG:2010 The hound bites back! (XV9 Detailing) - Warhound

In The Field
XV9 Blog: Batrep (4/9) - Orpheus Hangar
XV9 Batrep! - Orpheus Hangar
1500 Tau vs Blood Angels (XV9 Test!) - Xanadu

Experimental Rules for the XV9 Hazard Close Support Suit - Forgeworld (hosted PDF on ATT)
The XV9 : Thoughts on the Experimental Rules
XV-9 upgrade or downgrade? - Paulson Games

Further Rumours and Announcements
New XV9s + commander on sale at Forge World Open Day (28/3)

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