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Products [CA Glue Debonder]

Post#1 » Aug 18 2010 07:06

Hey Guys,

I thought I would highlight a product that I think is great. It's Great Planes Debonder for CA type glues. I have found it has several uses including: removing glue from your fingers, removing fingerprints and glue errors, disassembling models and paint removal.


Ok who here has ever glued their fingers together or to a model? Anyone? Anyone? I’m sure that if you have used superglue you have glued something together. I keep Debonder handy for those times. Just put a little Debonder on your glued appendage and the glue will begin to dissolve in less than a minute. It will dissolve most super glues and comes off your hands with soap and water.

Have you ever been working on a model, got a little superglue on your finger and then touched it in a very visible place? Previously you would have to sand the superglue off; causing more needless work that doesn’t get your army finished any faster, it was a big pain. Now you can remove glue fingerprints, drips and globs quickly and cleanly without affecting other parts of the model.

A bonus use for Debonder is the fact that you can disassemble glued together plastic and pewter models. As long as the model was assembled with CA glue you can take it apart! All you have to do is apply the Debonder directly to the joints and seams. In a few minutes it will get a little gummy then start coming apart in short order. Some times if you make several repairs to a model my Tau jump suit’s feet for example the super glue will build up making it hard to reseat the part. I scrape the excess glue off then hit it with Debonder to remove the rest. I have been able to salvage a number of models using this method.

One word of caution!!!! This stuff will remove paint like a champ. If you spill it on part of a model that is painted with acrylic paint… forget it!!! That paint is coming off. I have used it and cotton swabs to remove paint from models in limited areas and I have brushed it on to strip the whole model. I recommend using gloves when handling models in this fashion as you will get a lot of stuff on your skin.

I have found that Debonder has several uses and is a great addition to my model building took kit. It can be found at local hobby shops and several online model vendors. Though I use Great Planes there are several other brands that are available and are just as good removing CA glue. I recommend it!

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