Artwork [Tau Concept Art by Roberto Cirillo]

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Artwork [Tau Concept Art by Roberto Cirillo]

Post#1 » Aug 04 2011 07:37

Hello All!

I've edited this post with links to all (I hope) the pictures that were linked previously. I've hosted them on my photobucket account, those things last forever, so they should be ok!

The Images were taking by Alf when he was at GD one year, originally hosted on his site. The link to access the images was sent to me by Zob.

Aun'Va & Ethereals:
Aun'Va Pope Mobile Concepts
Aun'Va In Pope Mobile
Ethereal 1
Ethereal 2
Ethereal 3
Ethereal 4
Ethereal 5

XV-25 1
XV-25 2
XV-25 3
XV-25 4
XV-25 Burst Cannons

Shadowsun 1
Shadowsun 2
Shadowsun 3
Shadowsun 4
Shadowsun 5
Command Drones

Crisis Suit MK II:
Crisis Suit Heads
Crisis Suit 1
Crisis Suit 2
Crisis Suit 3
Crisis Suit 4
Crisis Suit 5
Crisis Suit 6
Commander Weapons
Plasma Rifle Mk II
Other Random Crisis Suit Weapons

Sniper Drones & Bikes:
Sniper Drone & Spotters
Sniper Drones
Sniper Bike 1
Sniper Bike 2
Sniper Bike 3
Sniper Bike 4

Tau Auxillaries:
Centaur 1
Centaur 2
4 Armed Mercenary
4 Armed Reptile
Early Vespid Concept 1
Early Vespid Concept 2
Vespid 1
Vespid 2
Vespid 3
Vespid Random Bitz

Tau Buildings and Scenery:
Tower 1
Tower 2
Tau Bases

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Re: Roberto Cirillo Concept Drawings

Post#2 » Aug 04 2011 04:11

Thank you for this Mek! We had this as a Sticky before, but the links went down. I have replaced the defunct topic and have locked this for the time being.

Thanks to Kern for his help as well.

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