[CLOSED] GW/FW New Releases (and Rumours)

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Re: [CLOSED] GW/FW New Releases (and Rumours)

Post#19 » May 01 2013 12:20

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Re: [CLOSED] GW/FW New Releases (and Rumours)

Post#20 » Jul 28 2013 07:35

modelglue wrote:
boomwolf wrote:...and ask them directly what level of rumors they have no issue of posting.

I'm not sure calling GW's attention to a rumor thread they don't want is wise. That amounts to poking a bear while you steal it's honey and hoping it doesn't catch you. We are proceeding as a community in a way that preserves our longevity.


Not the best analogy... the bear with the honey, in my opinion at least, already is a thief..... unless there are some facts of nature I am not aware of and bears actualy make honey now.

Thanks for your insight tycoon. When you have a moment head over to the membership primers and fill out a member profile. And when you are ready to contribute to the site in a meaningful way, please feel free to do so.

p.s. You spelled "actually" wrong. Try using a spell checker.

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