Modelling [Using Magnets in Tau Models]

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Modelling [Using Magnets in Tau Models]

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How to use Magnets
Compiled by Shas'El Tael.

The most popular and powerful smale scale magnets are neodymium magnet or NIB magnet (also known as a rare-earth magnet). They are very well suited for modelling weapon fits and modular vehicle attachments.

Image Image
Neodymium magnets; 1.5x1mm] and 3x2mm.

When shopping for NIB magnets the best way to go is online for sheer variety :
Aussie magnets
Australian Small Magnet Supplier
USA based Small Magnet Supplier
Amazing Magnets
USA Magnet Supplier, fast and great customer service.
USA based Small Magnet Supplier
e-Hobby Tools
Supplier of various hobby needs
Power Magnets
UK-based small magnets supplier

Adding magnets to your models

Hand Drill and bits; 3mm, 1mm and 0.5mm.

Hand Drills are the most popular way to drill holes for placing magnets in. Utilising 3mm, 2mm, 1mm and 0.5mm drill bits. These will make snug fits for equal sized disc magnets.

Image Image Image
Various suggested placements for 3mm and 2.5mm magnets in Tau Battlesuits.

When drilling plastic models, for example 3mm magnets, drill a small pilot hole using a 1 to 1.5mm drill bit, then drill your main hole with the appropriate sized bit (eg. 3mm for a 3mm wide magnet). Typical drill bits will have to go deeper than 1mm at the centerpoint to create the 1mm deep divot you need to place the magnet in. (I use the rasping handle end of a GW needle file to bore out the base of the divot, it is 3mm in diameter ~ Tael.)

Keeping the hole depth uniform
Once you have drilled the first hole to the correct depth, mark the drill bit with a permanent marker or If you don't want to mark your drill bit just wrap some masking tape around the bit. Then every hole you drill after the 1st you just drill down to the tape/mark.

Image Image Image
Suggested magnet placements under the devilfish hull for seeker missile attachment and doors and frames of the hull.

An online and reputed source of hobby tools (such as hand-drills + bits and Needle files):
e-Hobby Tools
Supplier of various hobby needs
A selection of small tools and reasonable shipping. Also stock the miter box and a number of useful miter contraptions.

Cleaning up rough holes and hiding magnets
When you have glued in place every magnet, cleaning up rough drilling edges, or the desire to complete hide the magnet can be done with Green Stuff epoxy putty for example.

You can source epoxy putty online here :
Supplier of Magisculpt
Alternate epoxy putty to 'GreenStuff'
Polymeric Systems
The makers of the epoxy putty 'GreenStuff'

Secure Weapons
If you wish to make secure fittings, to stop weapons spinning around one magnet, Pshar's Rifles proposed this idea;


"The nice thing is, I can flip the weapon down to take up less space, but when I lift it into position, the second small magnet pops it right into alignment. You could do this with two of the same size magnets, or a tab, but I liked how the connection looked with two different sizes. Sort of like an adjustable hydraulic mount or some such. Without a "tab" of any kind, there's nothing to break if you accidentally torque the weapon (or the mini falls off a terrain piece).

Some folks on ATT like GaussBoys. I'm a KJMagnetics fan. They even sent me a package of random small rare-earth magnets of various shapes for free"

In Depth Tutorials using magnets with Tau Vehicles
Piranha Magnets Tutorial View Here.
Detailed Devilfish Tutorial Download Here.
Detailed Hammerhead Tutorial Download Here.

In Depth Tutorials using magnets with non-Tau Vehicles
Budget Minded Predator

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